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Postal Customer Council® (PCC)

The PCC® Program’s mission is to foster a close working relationship between the U.S. Postal Service and commercial mailers. Our goals are to share information about new and existing Postal Service business products, programs, services, and procedures. Through focused educational programs, the PCC® strives to help industry members and their organizations grow and develop professionally.

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PCC® membership consists of both Postal Service employees and representatives of the mailing industry. Membership is open to all business mailers who use the services of the Postal Service within the sponsoring Postal Service manager's geographic area.

The terms “business mailers” and “businesses” as used here include commercial mailers, non-profit organizations, service bureaus, and other types of business enterprises that use the mail, including those that may be individuals or sole proprietorships, but the terms are not meant to include residential mailers. A business mailer may be a member of more than one PCC®, but he/she cannot be an officer or Executive Board member of multiple PCCs®. Postal Service employees will join the PCC® membership and participate as determined by the Postal Service and in accordance with the needs of the individual PCC®.

  • User Guides 04/06/2018

    PCC Membership Tool Kit

    Your membership is the heart of your PCC. This toolkit is designed to provide guidance and best practices that will enable you to build a vibrant PCC. Please use this as a springboard to create your own ideas to grow and thrive!

  • Publications 07/27/2016

    The Value of PCC Membership

    This presentation gives a brief history of PCC, current information related to PCC, and testimonials to the value that PCC provides.

  • Tools 11/14/2016

    PCC Membership Flyer Template

    This document provides a template for PCC flyers.

  • Fact Sheets 09/18/2016

    PCC® Membership Brochure

    A program offered by the Postal Service, the PCC® helps large and small businesses maximize profits with mailing and shipping.

  • Announcements 09/13/2016

    PCC Best Practice: Central Ohio PCC Builds Membership Through Sponsor Promo Codes

    Like other industry organizations in these tough times, many PCCs are finding it harder and harder to attract members to their events. 

PCC Insider®

PCC Insider® is your source for news about the U.S. Postal Service®, Postal Customer Council (PCC) activities, and issues that affect the mailing industry. Register today for the PCC Insider e-newsletter ›

PCC Workshops and Webinars

PCC® Education provides Postal Service™ business customers with information about postal products, services, and tools to help grow their business, as well as improve mail quality. These materials are suitable for all PCC® educational events and can be used to create a customized professional certificate program. Information on PCC® Continuing Education Programs is available here.

PCC Boot Camp

Fiscal year 2017 was a huge year for the Boot Camp sessions and due to the demand we plan to continue the momentum.

Coming in 2018, Industry Engagement and Outreach, Marketing will introduce Boot Camp 2.0. If you did not attend one of the Boot Camps in 2017, please review the attached information and slides and plan to attend a session in 2018.

The information is available as a refresher for those who have already attended. We want everyone to attend in 2018 and continue to learn about PCCs, and help PCCs and the mailing industry grow.

The 2018 schedule will soon be released!

  • Publications 07/31/2018
  • Fact Sheets 11/14/2017

    2017 Policy Administration Questions & Answers

    This document is a guide that will answer all of your questions regarding PCC bank accounts, tax exempt, speaker fees, membership list, social media, and a whole lot more.

  • Tools 11/14/2017

    "Why Join the PCC" Letter

    Please see this attached template that the Greater Baltimore PCC created on the benefits of joining the PCC. This document explains how Postal and the Industry collaborate to achieve greatness. 

  • Fact Sheets 11/14/2017

    PCC Boot Camp Best Practices

    This document was put together by some of our award winning PCCs, on best practices that they have utilized to run a smooth and very successful PCC.

  • Tools 11/14/2017

    Executive Board Member Recommitment Letter

    This is a template that can be used for your Executive Board Members for their commitment to the PCC.

  • Presentations 11/14/2017

    2017 PCC Boot Camp 1.0 Series

    This is the presentation used for the 2017 Boot Camp sessions.

Policy Administration

Because the Postal Consumer Council® is a Postal Service®-sponsored organization, it maintains a set of policies and practices to help local PCCs® keep things in order. We’ve assembled basic guidelines here, along with some locally submitted best practices.

These policies are based on the PCC® mission, which is to…

  • Promote, support, and foster close working relationships between the U.S. Postal Service and business mailers.
  • Facilitate information sharing and idea exchange with business mailers about Postal Service products, programs, services, and procedures.
  • Help PCC® industry members and their organizations grow and develop professionally through focused educational programs.

All PCC® activities and members’ interests in participating in them should be consistent with this mission.

Upcoming Events

Stay informed about the latest industry trends

Through regular meetings, educational programs, mailer clinics, and seminars, PCC® members learn about the latest postal products and services that may help them grow their business. Find events to attend in your area that will provide you with valuable contacts and information to promote your business.                                           

Need more information about PCC®?

Email us at for any questions you may have. To find your nearest PCC®, use the locator available on