Package Platform Concept (PPC)

USPS is developing a new payment and verification platform for outbound packages and current Electronic Verification System (eVS®) customers, called Package Platform. This new platform will provide upgrades to reporting, pricing and visibility as packages move through the mail stream.



Package Platform will leverage upgrades to existing Mail Processing Equipment (MPE) to provide detailed package attributes and the ability to price each package individually. This will eliminate manual sampling of packages and other manual processes which will expedite processing.

Integration with Informed Visibility® Mail Tracking & Reporting (IV®-MTR) will provide enhanced reporting capability utilizing package attributes captured through processing.

Package Platform will utilize the Postal Service’s new payment processing platform, called Enterprise Payment System. An Enterprise Payment Account (EPA) will be required for mailers enrolled in Package Platform.

We will upgrade this page with enrollment steps and additional information as Package Platform nears release.

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USPS has developed a new verification and payment method for Merchandise Returns Services (MRS) USPS and Scan Based Payment (SBP) customers, called USPS Returns. The current MRS process pose challenges such as reliance on sampling, lack of package-level pricing details, lack of visibility when a returned package travels through the mail stream, and packages held at postage due units before being returned to traditional verification customers. While SBP has limited capabilities for single-piece attribute-based pricing.

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