USPS Informed Delivery eDoc Technical Support for Mailers

This page contains information about Informed Delivery Campaigns and submitting them through eDoc to PostalOne! via Mail.dat or Mail.XML.  This is for mailers, mail service providers, and other technical support involved in setting up mailings to create Informed Delivery Campaigns via PostalOne!

Mailers, Mail Service Providers


This page contains the documentation for onboarding of new mailers and mail service providers in the use of Mail.dat and Mail.XML PostalOne! submissions containing Informed Delivery Campaign data through eDoc submission.

USPS Informed Delivery eDoc Support Mailer Guides

Mailer onboarding and guides for testing and setting up Informed Delivery campaigns through Mail.dat and Mail.XML via eDoc submission to PostalOne!

Tech Guides
Informed Delivery Mailer Onboarding Guide

This is the Mailer Onboarding Guide for Informed Delivery Campaigns.

Tech Guides
Informed Delivery Mail.dat Mailer Guide

This is the mailer guide for creating campaigns via Mail.dat and submitting them to PostalOne! via eDoc submission.

Tech Guides
Informed Delivery Mail.XML Mailer Guide

This is a guide for submitting campaigns to PostalOne! via Mail.

USPS Mail.dat Technical Specification

Technical Specifications
Mail.dat Technical Specifications R52.1 (Version 1)

This document is a comprehensive technical guide that outlines steps for exchanging electronic data with the PostalOne!® system using the Mail.dat® file format.

USPS Mail XML Tech Spec Postage Payment and Reporting (eDoc)

Informed Delivery eDoc Promotion Information

Resource documents for promotions involving Informed Delivery Campaigns

USPS Informed Delivery Resource Documents