Labeling Lists

The Labeling Lists Data Product assists mailers with presorting mail by providing active, originating 3- and 5-digit ZIP Code™ data, along with their destination locations, for labeling purposes. 

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Who is the Labeling Lists Product for?

Mailers who perform presorting activities

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What are Labeling Lists?

Labeling Lists assist mailers with presorting mail. It provides active, originating 3 and 5-digit ZIP Code data along with their destination locations (including city/state/ZIP Code) for labeling purposes. The product contains complete data files of each list found online via Postal Explorer®. Updates to the Labeling Lists are also published in the Postal Bulletin.

Labeling lists change frequently. Mailers may also subscribe to the labeling list products and updates using PS Form 8184. For more information contact Addressing and Geospatial Technology at 800-238-3150.

Current Label List Files

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Labeling List Changes Effective July 1, 2023

Effective July 1, 2023, we are revising Labeling List(s) L001, L002, L004, L005, L007, L008, L009, L011, L012, L015, L051, L201, L606, L607, and L801 to reflect changes in mail processing operations.

Data Files
L051 Test Files for Parcel Select/Parcel Select Lightweight – DSCF Entry

For additional information, refer to the January 2022 Release Overview dated August 30, 2021 found on the PostalPro landing page under Featured Updates at 

Data Files
2024 Labeling List and Mail Direction File Schedule

This is the Labeling Lists production schedule for 2024.

Applications/ Forms
Labeling Lists Order Form

This document contains the order form for Labeling Lists.

Tech Guides
Labeling Lists Technical Guide

The Labeling Lists data product assists mailers with presorting mail.

Applications/ Forms
Electronic Product Fulfillment (EPF) Web Access Request Form (PS 5116)

This form is used to create a Web-based account with the Addressing and Geospatial Technology (AGT) office which will be utilized to retrieve/download files from the Electronic Product Fulfillment (EPF) website.

Applications/ Forms

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For questions about Labeling Lists, contact Address Improvement and Administrative Support at 800-238-3150 or