Enterprise Post Office Boxes Online (ePOBOL)

Enterprise Post Office Boxes Online (ePOBOL) allows customers to open, close, and pay for PO
Boxes, Caller Service Boxes and Reserve Boxes online using an Enterprise Payment Account
(EPA). For customers with Caller Service or multiple PO Boxes, ePOBOL allows for a centrally
managed, secure online solution.
ePOBOL provides a modernized solution for PO Box customers including:
  • Online view of account payments, balance and transaction history
  • Automated renewal notifications and account alerts
  • Customizable payment reporting and account management

Latest Updates


·         Open, close, and pay for PO Boxes, Caller Services, and Reserves online

·         Automatic Renewals

·         Account notifications and alerts

·         View account payments, balances, and transaction history

·         Customized payment reporting and dashboard capabilities

Featured Resources

Fact Sheets
ePOBOL Fact Sheet August 2023

With the current implementation of EPS, business customers are able to manage their PO Boxes, Caller Services and Reserve Boxes online using the new Enterprise PO Boxes Online (ePOBOL) service.

User Guides
Enterprise Post Office Box Online (ePOBOL) User Guide February 2024

The U.S. Postal Service is upgrading its payment architecture for enterprise and business customers.

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