Address Quality Solutions

Making the Most of Your Mailing

Maximize address quality, minimize mailing cost. Delivery information is only as good as the quality of the address data. Our goal is to help customers send their mail to the correct address every time. Address Management provides value ­added product and service offerings that enable United States Postal Service® business customers to better manage the quality of their mailing lists while maximizing our ability to deliver mail as addressed.


Correct and Standardize: Address Information System (AIS) Products

Before an address can be certified as deliverable (CASS™ certified), it must first be standardized. Address correction software fixes spelling errors, corrects abbreviations, and standardizes capitalization so each address in your list complies with the USPS® official format. The USPS definition of a standardized address is “one that is fully spelled out, abbreviated using the Postal Service™ standard abbreviations . . . or as shown in the current Postal Service ZIP+4 file." Please check here for the latest contact information.

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Address Information System (AIS) Viewer

AIS Viewer is an interactive application designed to provide the ability to retrieve, view, and print accurate and current ZIP Code™ information for all 50 states.


Address Matching System API (AMS API)

AMS API is software used to develop address matching software. This software provides access to USPS® matching logic, which allows users to verify the accuracy of ZIP + 4® returns.

Carrier Route Product

The Carrier Route Product provides reference information needed to apply carrier route codes to addresses for presort postage discounts.

City State Product

The City State Product is a comprehensive list of city, county, and Post Office names associated with each ZIP Code™.

Delivery Statistics Product

The Delivery Statistics Product defines the number of post office boxes and business/residential deliveries on city, rural, and highway contract routes for every ZIP Code™ in the United States.

Enhanced Line of Travel (eLOT®)

The eLOT product allows mailers the ability to sort their mailings in approximate carrier-casing sequence.

Five-Digit ZIP® Product

The Five-Digit ZIP® Product provides five-digit ZIP Code™ data that can be appended to computerized mailing lists via address-matching software.


Business or residential? Make informed decisions, improve your deliverability, and optimize operational efficiency with RDI™.

Z4CHANGE Product

Z4CHANGE Product provides mailers the information necessary to create an application that would facilitate frequent and cost-effective processing for updating very large computerized mailing lists for automation compatibility and improved deliverability.

ZIP + 4® Product

The ZIP + 4® Product is a base reference file that can be accessed by an application to assign the correct ZIP + 4® Code associated with a physical address.

ZIPMove Product

ZIPMove Product offers a means of correcting addresses that have undergone a ZIP Code™ realignment in which a change in city name and finance number occurred.

Verify Your List

Once you’ve corrected and standardized your address list, you can then compare your data against the entire list of valid addresses in the Address Management System to determine validity. Address validity is based on many different factors, including address renumbering (via the USPS Locatable Address Conversion System) and address completeness. If an exact match is not found, an acceptable alternative is used (if available).

Address Element Correction (AEC)

When an address is inaccurate or missing an element, there is a chance that USPS’s Certified address-matching software may lack sufficient information to deliver a mailpiece. AEC is a process that turns problematic addresses into accurate addresses or identifies them as potentially undeliverable.

Address Element Correction II (AEC II)

AEC II is an enhancement to the existing AEC service, which identifies and corrects incomplete or inaccurate addresses using computer software. The addresses that cannot be resolved using AEC are submitted, via AEC II, to delivery offices for review and resolution.

Computerized Delivery Sequence (CDS)

The CDS program provides updated delivery sequence information on customer-provided address lists.

County Project

The United States Postal Service Addressing and Geospatial Technology (AGT) office located in Memphis, TN is working with local county and municipal addressing authorities to improve address quality in both of our databases by resolving addresses that differ and reviewing congressional and county code differences.


The DPV® Product identifies whether a ZIP + 4® coded address is currently represented in the USPS® delivery file as a known address record. It also allows users to confirm known USPS addresses, as well as, identify potential addressing issues that may hinder delivery.

Electronic Address Sequencing (EAS)

EAS provides an electronic option for processing address files for sequencing and/or qualification for Computerized Delivery Sequence (CDS).


The LACSLink® product offers an automated method of obtaining new addresses after a 911 emergency system has been implemented.

National Zone Charts Matrix

The National Zone Charts Matrix was developed to assist mailers in applying the proper postage rates to a mailpiece. Postage rates for zoned mail are based on mailpiece weight and the distance the mailpiece travels using these zone assignments.


Zone chart information has moved. Please click here for the latest information.



The SuiteLink® product enables customers to provide improved business addressing information by adding known secondary (suite) information to business addresses, which will allow USPS delivery sequencing where it would not otherwise be possible.

Enrich Your Data

Take the quality of your mailing lists to the next level to maximize your ROI on your campaigns. By adding additional delivery information, you'll have access to the best postage rates, as well as ensuring that mailings make it to the right customers. 


The ANKLink® Product is an enhancement to the existing 18-month NCOALink® Product. It allows mailers to make informed decisions regarding a specific customer.



DSF is an approved method outlined in the Domestic Mail Manual for sequencing mail pieces in walk-sequence when not using a simplified address.

Stay Compliant with Move Update

The Move Update standard is a means of reducing the number of mailpieces requiring forwarding or return by periodically matching the mailer's address records with change-of-address (COA) orders received and maintained by the Postal Service™. Mailers who claim presorted or automation prices for First-Class Mail® and USPS Marketing Mail prices must demonstrate that they have updated their mailing list within 95 days before the mailing date. 

Move Update

The Move Update standard is a means of reducing the number of mailpieces in a mailing that require forwarding or return by the periodic matching of a mailer’s address records with change-of-address orders received and maintained by the Postal Service™. Mailers who claim First-Class Mail® presorted or automation prices and USPS Marketing Mail™ prices must demonstrate that they have updated their mailing list within 95 days before the mailing date.


ACS is a post mailing service that allows mailers to receive change-of-address (COA) and other reasons for non-delivery electronically and reduce the number of manual (hardcopy) address notifications.



NCOA is a system of record for all COA requests and is used to produce the NCOALink product.  The NCOALink Product is a secure dataset of approximately 160 million permanent change-of-address (COA) records constructed from names and addresses of individuals, families, and businesses who have filed a change-of-address with the Postal Service™. Developed with secure data store technology to increase security of postal customer data and protect the privacy of this information, the NCOALink Product enables mailers to process mailing lists and update lists with new addresses prior to mailing. The NCOALink data is provided on a regular basis to companies that have been licensed by the Postal Service.

Ancillary Service Endorsements

Ancillary Service Endorsements allow for a sender to obtain an addressee’s forwarding/new address if the addressee has filed a Change-of-Address order with the Postal Service, or a reason for why a mailpiece has not been delivered.

99% Testing

The 99% Accurate test is a computer-based process that performs Postal Service ZIP + 4® coding and change-of-address processing utilizing the customer’s file as input. The 99% Accurate test is accomplished by submitting the mailer’s address file(s) to the Postal Service for processing.