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Service Standards

Service Standards were first published in January 2007 in accordance with requirements of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006. Service Standards are updated quarterly (January, April, July, October) to reflect changes in the processing, transportation, and delivery network.

Service Standards are officially defined as "A stated goal for service achievement for each mail class." A Service Standard represents the level of service that the USPS strives to provide to customers. These standards are considered to be one of the primary operational goals, or benchmark against which service performance is compared in various measurement systems.

Featured Resources

  • Data Files 04/15/2019
  • Fact Sheets 09/01/2015

    Mail Entry Planning Guidelines

    The Postal Service has developed these planning guidelines to allow customers to project the number of days necessary for their mail to reach destinations based on service standards, entry point, and critical entry time.

  • Tools 04/04/2019

    Service Standards Maps (Market Dominant only)

    This tool/map reflects service standard changes that are effective April 1. This map illustrates the service standards based on April 1 Labeling Lists changes and the business rules defined in the Federal Register (39 CFR 121).

Originating Service Standards

Destinating Service Standards

Destination Entry Service Standards

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