Toy Propellant Devices

The proper shipping name for a mailable toy propellant device is “model rocket motor” or “igniter.” A device that is assigned identification number NA0323 or UN0454 and classed as a Division 1.4S explosive is eligible for mailing in domestic mail via surface transportation only, provided that all requirements are met and the device is properly packaged.

Which mailing service should be used?

Toy propellant devices may only be mailed via domestic surface transportation with prior approval.




Proper Shipping Name and ID Number

  • Model Rocket Motors, NA0323.
  • Igniters, UN0454.


  • International Mail: Prohibited.
  • Domestic Mail: Permitted only via surface transportation with prior approval. Each device must meet the specifications in 341.22.

Design Specifications

Mailable devices must meet each of the following conditions:

  • Each device must be ignitable by electrical means only.
  • Each device must contain no more than 30g (1.07 ounces) of propellant.
  • Each device must produce less than 80 newton seconds of total impulse with thrust duration not less than 0.050 second.
  • Each device must be constructed so that all chemical ingredients are preloaded into a cylindrical paper or similarly constructed nonmetallic tube that does not fragment into sharp, hard pieces.
  • Each device must be designed so that it will not burst under normal conditions.
  • Each device must be incapable of spontaneous ignition under 500° F.
  • Each device must not contain any type of explosive or pyrotechnic warhead other than a small, activation–charge, parachute–recovery system.

Required Packaging

Primary Receptacle
  • Each device must be packed in a securely sealed primary receptacle.
  • Multiple primary receptacles are permitted within a single mailpiece.
  • Each primary receptacle must be surrounded by sufficient cushioning material to absorb shock and prevent breakage.
Outer Shipping Container
  • A strong outer packaging that is capable of firmly and securely holding the primary receptacle(s) and cushioning material is required.
  • Each mailpiece must not exceed a total weight of 25 pounds.
  • Each outer packaging must be clearly marked on the address side with “Toy Propellant Devices,” followed by the applicable proper shipping name and UN or NA number. The markings “Surface Only” or “Surface Mail Only” and “Handle With Care” must also appear on the address side of the mailpiece. A DOT hazardous materials warning label must not be affixed.
  • A complete mailing address and return address must be used.
  • A properly completed shipper's declaration for dangerous goods must be prepared in triplicate and affixed to the outside of the mailpiece.

Required Authorization

Prior written permission must be obtained from the manager of Product Classification: USPS Headquarters | 475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Room 4446 | Washington, DC 20260.

Note: Full responsibility rests with the mailer to comply with Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) regulations before mailing. A legible photocopy of the Product Classification Manager's approval letter must be presented by the mailer to the Postal Service acceptance clerk at the time of mailing.

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