Certified Mailing Professionals and Certification Programs

The United States Postal Service® in cooperation with the mailing industry has developed certification programs to get you to the help you need to reach out to your customers. For users looking to have mailing professionals handle their work, there is a list of certified Mail Service Providers, and for those who wish to do their own mailings but need help, there is a list of software providers. You may also click here to find the list of certified international vendors.


PAVE™ 2024 Advisory Cycle S Extension

This advisory is to inform you that there will be no PAVE Cycle S/MAC Batch Certification testing for the 2024 Price Change release.

Certification Programs


The CASS™ certification process is designed in cooperation with the mailing industry to improve the accuracy of postal codes, i.e., Five-Digit ZIP Code®, ZIP + 4®, delivery point (DPCs), and carrier route codes that appear on mailpieces.


The MASS™ certification is an extension of the CASS™ system, which is a process designed in cooperation with the mailing industry to improve the accuracy of postal codes that appear on mail.

Periodicals Accuracy Grading and Evaluation (PAGE) Program

The PAGE program evaluates publication and print planning (ppp) software to determine its accuracy in calculating the percentage of advertising according to Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®) standards.

Barcode Certifications

Intelligent Mail® Tray Label Certification

To ensure accuracy, optimal bar code quality and readability of the Intelligent Mail® Tray Label, the USPS® offers a voluntary label certification process of the Intelligent Mail Tray Label for software vendors that generate tray label software. This certification process will validate the Intelligent Mail Tray Label design specifications, technical barcode requirements for the tray barcodes, placement of the barcode and human-readable data elements on the label, as well as the ability to generate accurate label content.

USPS Tracking Electronic Services Certification

The electronic service option provides mailers information indicating the date and time of delivery or attempted delivery of a mailed item. If you choose to take advantage of the Electronic Service option, you must complete a testing and certification process.


Full-Service Certification Programs

Certified Full-Service Software Vendors

The software vendors listed below have successfully certified their Full-Service software products with the Postal Service™. The list below shows the name of the vendor and software package and telephone number. We identify if the software is Cloud based or On Premise, the method of submission to the Postal Service, and the class of mail the software supports.

eInduction Certification

The USPS offers an eInduction certification for software vendors that support eInduction mailings.

Standard Full-Service Certification for Mailers

The United States Postal Service is offering Full-Service Certification (FSC) to mail service providers (MSPs) who apply for certification and can demonstrate their mail quality.

Platinum Full-Service Certification

The Platinum Full-Service Certification (FSC) is available to mail service providers (MSPs) who can demonstrate an exceptional degree of mail quality and fulfill the application process.