Service Hubs and Facilities

The general role of Hubs in the current network will be to serve as down-flow mail facilities similar to our Network Distribution Centers (NDCs), Area Distribution Centers (ADCs) and Sectional Center Facilities (SCFs). If a facility is identified as a Hub, it will serve as a cross-dock facility for destinating volume that is properly prepared and entered at the Hub location. The Hub will transport mail to the downstream delivery units that the Hub services. 

Who are Service Hubs and Facilities for?

Hubs will accept direct cross-dock containers only of 5-Digit ZIP, 5-Digit Carrier Route (non-FSS zones) pallets, bundles, sacks or containers of Standard, Periodical, Bound Printed Matter, and Parcels.





Standard Mail

Standard Mail


The objective of the Hub network is to allow mail to be destination entered for downstream delivery units, thus allowing customers to enter closer to destination for a service benefit. It will also reduce transportation costs for both the mailers and the Postal Service.

Presort Preparation: Anything currently eligible to be dropped at a Destination Delivery Unit (DDU) can be dropped at a Hub, but will receive the Hub (DSCF) discount:

  • Flats
    • Bundles on merged 5-digit scheme or 5-digit scheme carrier route pallets prepped according to the L001 are eligible for Hub drops
    • Bundles on 5-digit scheme pallets prepped according to the L007 are NOT eligible for Hub drops
  • Parcels
    • 5-digit pallets and 5-digit scheme pallets prepped according to the L606 are eligible for Hub drops

Hub Discount: Mail prepped according to the guidelines for Hubs will receive the DSCF rate for dropping at a Hub facility

Dropping at Hubs: The Critical Entry Time (CET) for all Hub facilities will be 1600.

  • Hours of Operation will vary by facility, and will be available in FAST and published in the Mail Direction File (MDF)
  • FAST appointments will be required for dropping at Hubs, and appointment windows will also vary by facility
  • Service Standards will be aligned with the current SCF drop standards by mail class

Hub Implementation: A phased-in approach will be used for deployment of Hub facilities.

Hubs will accept direct cross-dock containers only of 5-Digit ZIP, 5-Digit Carrier Route (non-FSS zones) pallets, bundles, sacks or containers of Standard, Periodical, Bound Printed Matter, and Parcels.

Hubs will not accept: letters, FSS prepared mail, or any mailing that requires a bundle sort operation. 

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