First-Class Mail and Marketing Mail Incentives

The USPS Mailing Services team develops strategic incentives, offering various benefits and advantages to businesses and individuals who utilize USPS mailing services. These incentives are designed to enhance the value and growth of First-Class Mail and Marketing Mail.


Mail Growth Incentives

The First-Class Mail and Marketing Mail Growth Incentives are being offered to mail owners to incent them to grow volume in Calendar Year 2024 (CY 2024). The Postal Service will be issuing postage credits to mail owners who grow qualifying First-Class Mail or Marketing Mail volumes in CY 2024 compared to corresponding volume in Fiscal Year 2023 (FY 2023) and meet all other requirements for these incentives.



Eligible Mail


Qualifying volumes for the First-Class Mail incentive include:

  • Presort Letters 
  • Presort Cards
  • Presort Flats 


Qualifying volumes for Marketing Mail incentive include:

  • Marketing Mail Saturation Letters and Flats
  • Marketing Mail High Density Letters and Flats
  • Marketing Mail Letters and Flats
  • Marketing Mail Carrier Route 
  • Marketing Mail Parcels and Saturation Parcels

Marriage Mail Incentive

Marriage Mail is a form of marketing mail in which marketing service companies combine advertisements from multiple businesses into a single mailpiece to reduce the cost of the mailing for individual customers. As part of the July 9, 2023 price change implementation, the US Postal Service will provide marriage mailers an incentive price on Saturation USPS Marketing Mail letters and flats including EDDM


Eligible Mail

A Mail Owner who satisfies the requirements listed below will be eligible to claim the Marriage Mail Incentive price. The customer must be an eDoc submitter using mail.dat, mail.XMLor Postal Wizard, with a unique Mail Owner CRID, an Enterprise Payment Account and registered in PostalOne!Eligible mail must be Saturation Marketing Mail letters or flats (including EDDM-Commercial). Marriage Mail Incentive requirements include, among other factors, stipulations on (a) mail piece weight and content and (b) mailing frequency measured and tracked by Mail Owner CRID. The requirements are listed in the next section.