Drop Shipment Management System (DSMS)

The Drop Shipment Management System (DSMS) program allows authorized users to streamline the Plant-Verified Drop Shipment (PVDS) process through consolidating PVDS documentation from multiple jobs and mailing locations in electronic files. 



Who is DSMS for?

DSMS shipments are limited to mailings that are verified during the production process at the mailer’s plant by acceptance employees at a Detached Mail Unit (DMU).​





Standard Mail

Standard Mail



The Drop Shipment Management System (DSMS) program enables authorized users to consolidate loads of palletized plant-verified drop shipment (PVDS) mail from multiple jobs and mailing locations. Forms 8125-CD’s are created using electronic data and describe the consolidated mailings in the PVDS shipment.

The forms do not bear an acceptance employee signature or origin post office round stamp date. 

DSMS Types:

  1. A mailer with a single production facility.
  2. A mailer with multiple production plants, acting as its own consolidator.
  3. A consolidator receiving mail from multiple mailers/customers. Under this authorization a consolidator may be a mailer authorized under a or who also accepts shipments from other authorized DSMS mailers/customers.
  4. A firm that does not produce its own mail but consolidates mailings received from multiple mailers/customers*.

*Note: A consolidator may have multiple consolidation locations.

For the full overview of requirements, please reference the Drop Ship Management System Program Guide.

Featured Resources

Applications/ Forms
Drop Shipment Management System (DSMS) Application Form

This is an application form for new mailers and consolidators to participate in the Drop Shipment Management System, a program that optimizes efficiency through electronically consolidating information for mailings that involve multiple jobs and locations. 

Fact Sheets
Drop Ship Checklist for Mailers

This document contains the Drop Ship checklist for mailers utilizing eVS®.

Applications/ Forms
PS Form 8125: Plant-Verified Drop Shipment Verification and Clearance

This form provides proof to the entry facility that the mail being presented by the mailer or mailer’s agent was verified and paid for at origin.

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The electronic Induction (eInduction) process simplifies the induction of drop shipments and expedited plant load mailings by leveraging existing eDoc, Intelligent Mail Container barcode (IMcb), and handheld scanner technologies to verify payment and preparation of commercial mail containers.

Intelligent Mail® Container Barcode (IMcb)

The Intelligent Mail® Container barcode (IMcb) will be applied to Mailer-generated container labels and is designed to be scanned at acceptance and at other points throughout transportation and processing. The Intelligent Mail Container barcode allows each container to be associated with a unique mailing and facilitates tracking of containers throughout the mail processing network.

Mailer Identifier (MID)

The Mailer Identifier (MID) is a field within the Intelligent Mail barcode that is used to identify mailers. MIDs are assigned by the USPS® to a Mail Owner, Mailing Agent or other service providers who request them.


To submit an application:

Mailers: submit to the Manager of BMS (Business Mailer Support).

If you intend to prepare mailings under DSMS at a number of locations, a separate application must be prepared for each mailing location.

Consolidators: submit your completed application to the Manager, BMS.

If a consolidator intends to use more than one consolidation facility, each location must be separately approved; however, all locations may apply simultaneously with one application.

For questions about FAST (Facility Access and Shipment Tracking), contact the USPS Help Desk via email fast@usps.gov
or telephone 1-877-569-6614 or visit the FAST website.