Release Notes
Licensing Announcement: Loading NCOALink® Updates

Effective immediately, current data updates to the NCOALink® Product shall be installed no later than five (5) business days after receipt.

Release Notes
FASTforward®/LPE and NCOALink® MPE Annual Audit

Recently FASTforward®/LPE and NCOALink® MPE Data User Licensees were notified that MASS™ Cycle N has been deferred until August 1, 2011 and their MASS certification is valid through July 31, 2011.

Release Notes
NCOALink® Enhancement Advisement

In the continuing effort to provide greater value and product improvement, the US Postal Service® is pleased to announce the enhancement of the NCOALink® product with the inclusion of approximately two million additional change-of-address records.

Release Notes
NCOALink® Foreign Processing

The NCOALink® Full (section 4.4) and Limited Service (section 4.3) Provider License Agreements state the following: “Licensee agrees that it violates this Agreement to provide Services to an Entity located or operating outside of the Territory or using the Updated Mailing Lists outside of the Territory.”

Release Notes
Service Provider PAF and RTD

The NCOALink® Processing Acknowledgement Form has been updated to reflect the addition of the alternate PAF method.

Release Notes
Licensing Announcement: USPS® NCOALink® Full and Limited Service Licensees

This document contains announcements concerning NCOALink® product fulfillment for the week of February 18, product fulfillment schedule changes, and usage of current NCOALink PAFs.