Tech Guides
eInduction SV Facilities List

This document contains SV-enabled induction facilities in CSV format.

Fact Sheets
Service Hubs and Facilities Fact Sheet

This document provides general information on the purpose and requirements for service hubs.

Contact Lists
Secure Destruction Plant Zip Look Up Table

This document provides a ZIP Code lookup table for Secure Destruction plants.

Data Files
Facility File

This document is an excel spreadsheet that contains facility contact information and important updates.

Contact Lists
Remittance Plant POC List

Remittance Processing Center site list with POC contact information.

Contact Lists
Service Hubs and Facilities Locations

This document provides a list of service hub facilities, includes area, district, NASS, site, locale key, and start date.

Contact Lists
Plants with Remittance Mail Sort Programs

A list of contact information for Remittance Mail Processing Center Sites throughout the country.

Remittance Mail Information

This option contains important information for Remittance mailers to help resolve specific processing-related problems at Postal Service destination Remittance Mail centers throughout the country.

Data Files
FAST® Origin Entry Facilities

This origin entry spreadsheet lists all origin entry facilities as of January 2014.

Fact Sheets
Creating FAST® Appointments for Mixed Periodicals

This document provides an overview of FAST® appointments for mixed periodicals.