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The ANKLink® Product is an enhancement to the existing 18-month NCOALink® Product. It allows mailers to make informed decisions regarding a specific customer. 


Who is ANKLink for?

ANKLink is only available to NCOALink Limited Service Providers and End User Mailers. ANKLink provides an additional 30 months of COA information.

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The ANKLink will allow mailers to make informed decisions regarding a specific customer. If the data indicates the customer has moved, the mailer may choose to suppress the customer from the list. Otherwise the mailer could attempt to determine the new address by seeking the services of an NCOALink Full Service Provider licensee. ANKLink has the potential to reduce the production of UAA (Undeliverable as Addressed) mail, which reduces production, preparation and postage costs.

ANKLink data will not return the new address but will inform mailers of customer moves that occurred in months 19-48, along with the move effective date. Development, distribution and use are all covered under the existing NCOALink licenses.

Annual License Fee (ANKLink only): $4,150.00 (LSP) $915.00 (EUM).

What’s next?

ANKLink certification is covered under the NCOALink Developer testing. Limited Service Provider and End User Mailer licensees who wish to obtain the ANKLink  Product will need to contact their NCOALink Distributor.


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  • FAQs 08/03/2016

    ANKLink® FAQs

    This document contains frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers for the ANKLink product.

  • Contact Lists 12/11/2018

    NCOALink® with ANKLink® Service Providers

    This document provides a list of service providers and contact information for NCOALink® with ANKLink®. These service providers have 18 months of Change-of-address (COA) data from the USPS®. In addition, they inform mailers if a move has occurred in months 19 - 48, but do not provide the new address.

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The NCOALink Product is a secure dataset of approximately 160 million permanent change-of-address (COA) records consisting of names and addresses of individuals, families and businesses who have filed a change of address with the Postal Service™. Developed with secure data store technology to increase security of postal customer data and protect the privacy of this information, the NCOALink Product enables mailers to process mailing lists and update lists with new addresses prior to mailing. The NCOALink data is provided on a regular basis to companies that have been licensed by the Postal Service.


For more information about ANKLink, email or call 800-589-5766.