Fact Sheets
Full-Service Intelligent Mail® Fact Sheet

This document covers benefits, requirements, and resources for Full‐Service Intelligent Mail®.

Fact Sheets
Full-Service Electronic Verification Automated Assessment Process Fact Sheet

In November 2016, the USPS began assessments for Full-Service Mail Quality Metrics determined to be over the established threshold in a calendar month.

Fact Sheets
Customer Registration Identification (CRID) and Mailer Identifier (MID) Acquisition Fact Sheet

This document provides an overview of the methods customers can use to request a Mailer ID (MID) or Customer Registration ID (CRID) from the Postal Service.

Fact Sheets
Full-Service Palletization Fact Sheet

The following guidelines should be followed when determining if a pallet should be prepared and placarded.

Quick Service Guides
Identifying Mail Owners in eDoc

This document provides an overview of the current and October 2014 manner the Postal Service interprets key fields in electronic documentation (eDoc) to identify the Mail Owner.

User Guides
How to Submit Mail.dat Jobs to PostalOne!®

This document is a comprehensive guide that outlines steps for exchanging electronic data with the PostalOne!® system using the Mail.dat file format.

User Guides
How to Submit Mail.XML Jobs to PostalOne!®

This guide provides step‐by‐step instructions for submitting electronic mailing information into the USPS® for Full‐Service letters & flats.

Tech Guides
Intelligent Mail Container Barcode Technical Specifications

Technical specifications for printing the USPS Intelligent Mail® Container barcode (IM™ Container barcode). The Intelligent Mail Container barcode is used on mailer-generated pallet labels to uniquely identify pallets and similar containers (i.e.