The LACSLink® product offers an automated method of obtaining new addresses after a 911 emergency system has been implemented.


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Who is LACSLink for?

First Class Mail

First Class Mail





Standard Mail

Standard Mail

Software Developer

Software Developer


What is LACSLink?

The LACSLink Product is a secure dataset of converted addresses that primarily arise from the implementation of the 911 system, which commonly involves changing rural-style addresses to city-style addresses. The LACSLink Product also contains existing city-style addresses that have been renamed or renumbered.


The LACSLink Product:

  • Reduces undeliverable mail by providing the most current address information for matches made to the LACSLink file.
  • Lowers mailer costs by reducing the number of undeliverable and duplicate mailpieces by using the most current address information.
  • Provides the opportunity for faster product/service marketing through accurate mail delivery.

LACSLink has three licensing categories:

Interface Developer

  • The LACSLink Developer License grants the right to develop a LACSLink interface for internal purposes and third parties
  • Initial License Fee: $1,150.00
  • Annual License Fee: $360.00

Interface Distributor

  • The LACSLink Distribution License grants Developers the right to distribute the LACSLink interface and redistribute the LACSLink data.
  • Annual License Fee (Interface Distribution): $1,350.00*
  • Annual License Fee (Data Distribution): $360.00

End User

  • The LACSLink End User Agreement grants the right to use the LACSLink Product to update addresses and mailing lists both internally and for third parties. End Users may receive data fulfillment directly from the USPS®.
  • Annual License Fee: $360.00*

* The initial licensing year is prorated.

What's next?

Once you have selected the appropriate licensing category, the next step is to complete the certification process. The process includes the completion of the following documentation:

  • Application
  • Confidentiality Statement
  • Self-Certification Statement
  • Key Personnel Listing

Upon completion of the certification documents, the appropriate license must be executed, including the payment of licensing fees.

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For more information regarding the licensing and certification process, contact the Licensing and Certification Department at 1-800-589-5766.