Address Element Correction II (AEC II)

AEC II is an enhancement to the existing AEC service, which identifies and corrects incomplete or inaccurate addresses using computer software. The addresses that cannot be resolved using AEC are submitted, via AEC II, to delivery offices for review and resolution.

Who is AEC II for?

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What is AEC II?

AEC II is an enhancement to the existing AEC service, which identifies and corrects "bad" addresses using a complex computer program. "Bad" addresses that cannot be resolved using AEC are submitted, via AEC II, to delivery offices for review and resolution by the same people who deliver the mail for you every day. When USPS delivery personnel are able to identify and correct address errors, or to identify addresses that do not exist, address quality is improved.

How does AEC II work?

AEC II uses an electronic process to correct address records once delivery unit personnel have reviewed the address, which has been submitted by mailers. As addressing errors are identified, they are added to a historical database so the same addressing errors, found on different mailing lists, are not submitted again. As each new incorrect address is submitted, and AEC or the AEC II historical file is unable to make a match against either table, the record is sent to a program called Electronic Uncoded Address Resolution System (eUARS). From there, the records are sent to a post office, which services the suspected address, for possible correction.

Why let a single customer slip through your fingers?

Through AEC II service you can use the delivery knowledge of the Postal Service, nationwide, to correct those "worst of the worst" addresses that plague every mailing list. AEC II uses Delivery Force Knowledge™ methodology to help mailers resolve unrecognizable portions of an address that prevents the address from ZIP + 4 coding, which reduces the possibility of achieving mail automation discounts, through any existing address matching software.

Effects of AEC II on Your Bottom Line?

AEC II process has an average 51% correction rate. It also reduces mail costs, which means less undelivered mail returned to you.

The minimum fee for AEC II is $35 for the first 100 records, and $0.35 for each record indicated as Corrected or Address Does Not Exist (ADNE).

AEC II pricing does not include the required minimum AEC processing fee of $27 and 0.027 for each additional record for AEC.

AEC II also processes other types of records at no additional charge:

  • Historical File Match – The record submitted has been corrected to a record previously submitted and retained in the historical file.
  • PO Box Delivery Exclusion – The record submitted was corrected to a valid mailing address (PO Box) and the customer does not receive mail at the address presented.


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For more information about AEC II, contact the National Customer Support Center at 1-800-238-3150 or email