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City State Product

The City State Product is a comprehensive list of city, county, and Post Office names associated with each ZIP Code™.

Who is City State Product for?

City State Product is for mailers who need assistance with the following processing functions: ZIP Code validation, ZIP Code Assignment, finance number assignment, county code/name identification, street name matching, ZIP Code and carrier route changes

First Class Mail
Standard Mail


What is City State Product?

City State Product is a comprehensive list of ZIP Codes with corresponding city and county names. This file also contains other names by which a Post Office™ may be known. City State Product can assist mailers with city, state, and 5-digit ZIP validation; ZIP Code and finance number assignment; and county code/name identification.

This product contains raw data and does not contain any software. It is available through Electronic Product Fulfillment (EPF) and contains approximately 100,000 records. The data is encrypted and cannot be exported. Using the AIS Viewer with the "address lookup" option meets the 5-digit ZIP Code accuracy standard for addresses used on pieces in non-automation pre-sorted rate First-Class Mail®, Periodicals, Standard Mail®, and Bound Printed Matter mailings. Updates are issued monthly and technical guides are available on-line by searching "Address Information System (AIS) Products Technical Guide" and downloading.

Note: City State Product does not contain detailed street data; it only contains city place names and their associated ZIP Codes. To perform complete 5-digit ZIP coding of address files, City State Product must be used in conjunction with Five-Digit ZIP® Product, ZIP + 4® Product, or Carrier Route Product.

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