Business or residential? Make informed decisions, improve your deliverability, and optimize operational efficiency with RDI™.

Who is RDI™ for?

The RDI Product should be used in conjunction with CASS Certified™ ZIP + 4® address matching software and may be used on any platform. Product updates are provided on a monthly basis. To obtain a copy or ask questions regarding the RDI Developers Guide, please contact Customer Care at 800-238-3150 or incsc@usps.gov.

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The RDI™ is a data product that verifies whether a delivery type is classified as residential or business. Designed specifically for shipping parcels, this distinction between delivery types is valuable due to the fact that some shipping companies charge higher fees for residential delivery. By having the additional data provided by RDI, it’s possible to determine shipping rate information with greater accuracy, analyze parcel shipping patterns and costs, and ultimately, make informed decisions about the most cost-effective means of conducting shipments.

What are the benefits of using RDI™?

  • Reducing residential delivery surcharges by validating delivery type status for the purpose of choosing parcel shipping suppliers.

  • Providing analysis of parcel shipping patterns and costs for the purpose of improving mailers’ parcel shipping processes.

  • Lowering shipping charges by providing rate-shopping services to clients, which will allow them to compare parcel shipping rates for input addresses.

  • Reducing returns due to incorrect addresses by using RDI™ in conjunction with CASS™ software.

  • Enhancing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by demonstrating efficient and accurate shipping practices.

  • Identifying shipping patterns to improve operational efficiency.

  • Providing online rate-shopping services for others.

The RDI™ Product allows customers to determine whether an address is classified as residential or business in the USPS® Address Management System (AMS) database. Addresses processed using the RDI data return an indicator denoting ‘Yes’ for Business or ‘No’ for Residential.

The RDI Product should be used in conjunction with CASS Certified™ ZIP + 4® address matching software and may be used on any platform. Product updates are provided on a monthly basis.

The RDI data is supplied as hash tables. The standard hash algorithm is only determined for the 9-digit and 11-digit ZIP Code rather than the entire address. The 9-digit hash table consists of ZIP + 4 codes that contain only business deliveries. The 11-digit table consists of the delivery point codes for the business deliveries where the ZIP + 4 code contain both business and residential deliveries.

The RDI Product can be used for internal purposes or provided as a service to third parties. Additionally, the RDI data can also be redistributed to third parties.

Annual License Fee: $490.00*

To develop RDI-enabled software, you should be or in the process of becoming a CASS software manufacturer. If interested in becoming a CASS software manufacturer, contact the CASS™/MASS™ Department at 800-642-2914.

For more information on AIS Products, please contact Customer Care at 800-238-3150. Download the AIS Products Order Form here.

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Electronic Product Fulfillment (EPF) Web Access Request Form

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RDI™ Archived Announcements

Licensing Announcement: Issue with Downloading Both SHA-1 and SHA-256 Products on Electronic Product Fulfillment (EPF)

This announcement details an issue with downloading both the SHA‐1 and SHA‐256 versions of the products using the SOAP Web Services (ColdFusion).

Licensing Announcement: SHA-256 Products on Electronic Product Fulfillment (EPF)

To comply with the recommendations from the December 2014 Office of Inspector (OIG) audit of the NCOALink® program, the USPS® will begin the transition from SHA‐1 to SHA‐256 technology as the method for data encryption.

Licensing Announcement: Reminder on Electronic Product Fulfillment (EPF) Server Migration

As a reminder, the Electronic Product Fulfillment (EPF) website will be migrated to a new server Saturday, March 15.

Transition of the RDI™ Product to an AIS

To facilitate the needs of the mailing industry, the USPS® has decided to categorize the RDI™ Product as an AIS (Address Information System) data product, effective January 27, 2013. As a result of this change, the parcel shipping requirement, as well as the RDI License Agreement, will be eliminated.

Applications/ Forms
Sample AIS Order Form reflecting RDI™

This document contains the Sample AIS Order Form reflecting RDI™.

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Questions about RDI? Please get in touch! You can reach us by phone at (800) 238-3150 or email us at incsc@usps.gov.