Address Element Correction (AEC)

When an address is inaccurate or missing an element, there is a chance that USPS’s Certified address-matching software may lack sufficient information to deliver a mailpiece. AEC is a process that turns problematic addresses into accurate addresses or identifies them as potentially undeliverable.

Who is AEC for?

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Cost-effective, consistent, and timely delivery of every mailpiece depends on its address. An accurate address contains only elements that are complete and correct. When you send mailpieces with accurate addresses, you are supporting the mutual goal of the USPS® and mailers to achieve the lowest combined cost for providing and receiving mail service. You also ensure that your mail is compatible with the USPS automation process, putting it on the fast track for delivery. If a mailpiece is missing address elements or contains incorrect address elements, it requires additional handling, including manual processing. This can delay delivery or even make delivery impossible.

What is AEC?

Address Element Correction (AEC) is a quality process developed by the USPS with industry support. AEC focuses on inaccurate addresses, specifically those undeliverable addresses that cannot be matched to a USPS ZIP + 4® code using commercially available CASS Certified™ address-matching. If an address is missing an element, CASS Certified address-matching software may lack sufficient information to determine the correct or most accurate match to the ZIP + 4 product and, therefore, may not provide a ZIP + 4 code. After an address goes through this process and is not resolved, it becomes a candidate for AEC.


By correcting or providing missing elements, AEC turns problematic addresses into accurate addresses or identifies them as potentially undeliverable. The result is a complete and standardized address that can be matched to a 5-digit ZIP Code™ and ZIP + 4 code. This greatly improves your efforts to have the mail reach your customers in a timely and consistent manner by allowing the corrected addresses to take full advantage of USPS automation.


The AEC Process has a minimum processing fee of $27 and 0.027 for each additional record.

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Address Element Correction II (AEC II)

AEC II is an enhancement to the existing AEC service, which identifies and corrects incomplete or inaccurate addresses using computer software. The addresses that cannot be resolved using AEC are submitted, via AEC II, to delivery offices for review and resolution.


For more information about AEC, contact the National Customer Support Center at 1-800-238-3150 or email