National Zone Charts Matrix

The National Zone Charts Matrix was developed to assist mailers in applying the proper postage rates to a mailpiece. Postage rates for zoned mail are based on mailpiece weight and the distance the mailpiece travels using these zone assignments.


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Who is National Zone Charts Matrix for?

The National Zone Charts Matrix assists mailers in determining the distance that a mailpiece travels based on the ZIP Code™ where the mailpiece enters the mailstream (origination) and the ZIP Code that will deliver the mailpiece to the addressee (destination).

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What is the National Zone Charts Matrix?

National Zone Charts Matrix is used to assist mailers in determining the distance that a mailpiece travels based on the ZIP Code where the mailpiece enters the mailstream (origination) and the ZIP Code where the mailpiece is delivered to the addressee (destination). Postage rates for certain classes of mail are based on mailpiece weight as well as the distance the mailpiece travels. Please note, the matrix does not contain postage rates, only zone information.

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