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  • Tech Guides 02/14/2019

    Zone Analysis Program (ZAP) Technical Guide

    This guide details the technical specifications for ZAP.

  • Tech Guides 02/12/2019

    Zone Charts Matrix Technical Guide

    This guide details technical information about the National Zone Charts Matrix. A few topics in this guide include Defining a Zone, Matrix File General Information, Matrix Zone Determination.

  • Tech Guides 01/28/2019

    eVS Publication 205

    Updated version of Pub. 205 to align with the January 2019 price change. 

  • Tech Guides 01/28/2019

    Address Information System (AIS) Products Technical Guide

    The Address Information System (AIS) Products Technical Guide contains documentation on all AIS products, including Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI), Z4Change, ZIPMove, Zip+4, Five-Digit Zip Product, eLOT, Carrier Route Product, City State Product, and Delivery Statistics Product.

  • Tech Guides 01/25/2019

    Traditional ACS™ with Shipper Paid Services Technical Guide

    This document is a guide that provides technical information about Traditional ACS™ with shipper paid services.

  • Tech Guides 01/25/2019

    Intelligent Mail® Package Barcode (IMpb) ACS™ Technical Guide

    Technical guide for users of Intelligent Mail® Package Barcode (IMpb) Address Change Services (ACS). Includes a solution overview, features, participation requirements, and service endorsement options.

  • Tech Guides 01/24/2019

    Picture Permit™ Indicia (PPI) Product Requirements

    A guide to the PPi program that includes the following: background and product description, product parameters, registration and application requirements, mailing submission requirements, permit imprint requirements, picture permit design requirements, technical information, and program office contact information. 

  • Tech Guides 01/24/2019

    Picture Permit™ Indicia (PPI) Technical Requirements Version 7.0

    USPS Picture Permit™ indicia (PPI) provides organizations the opportunity to include their corporate logo, brand images, or trademarks in the permit indicia space of First-Class Mail® automation letters and postcards, and all USPS Marketing Mail™ letters. The addition of images to the permit imprint indicia has the potential of increasing open rates and enhancing the value of the mail.

  • Tech Guides 11/16/2018

    IV-MTR API Developer Toolkit

    The Developer Toolkit provides information about using the Informed Visibility® Mail Tracking & Reporting (IV®-MTR) Application Programming Interface (API). The API enables the mailing industry to integrate mobile and web-based applications with near real-time IV-MTR data through a lightweight data exchange.

  • Tech Guides 10/18/2018