Fact Sheets
Seamless Acceptance: Mailer Fact Sheet

Participation Criteria To participate in Seamless Acceptance all pieces must be uniquely barcoded, included in electronic documentation (eDoc) and mailers must meet the following requirements:

•Meet all the content and price eligibility standards for the price claimed.

     *There is no minimum activity specific to Seamless Acceptance.

•Prepare eligible volume as Full-Service

•Participate in the Seamless Parallel Program

•Participate in eInduction for DMU-verified origin entry or destination entry-drop shipments

Fact Sheets
Modifications to NCOALink® MPE Licenses and Supporting Documents (7/10/2022)

This document provides information on licenses and supporting documents for Mail Processing Equipment for NCOALink®.

Fact Sheets
Enterprise Payment System Account Creation Fact Sheet

This fact sheet has been updated to remind customers to ensure that any maximum spending limits established by your financial institution are sufficient to cover all potential postage and fees.

The new Enterprise Payment System (EPS) replaces the previous product-centric payment with a centralized account processing system enabling customers to pay and manage their services online using a single account.

Fact Sheets
Seamless Acceptance Undocumented Mail Fact Sheet

Provides insight into the source of undocumented error reporting, common causes, and best practices. For more information please see the Seamless Acceptance fact sheet and the Publication for Streamlined Mail Acceptance for Letters and Flats.

Fact Sheets
Customer Label Distribution System (CLDS) Fact Sheet

The CLDS is an innovative application that allows mailers to create, edit, and submit for printing their own Intelligent Mail Tray Label orders online. CLDS standardizes and streamlines the order, submit, and save label process online.

Orders submitted online are filled by the Topeka Label Printing Center (TLPC) with status provided for each order online. Mailers can also store their user account information, which is populated from their Customer Registration Account and search for information about labels and other reference data.

Fact Sheets
Full-Service Electronic Verification Automated Assessment Process Fact Sheet

In November 2016, the USPS began assessments for Full-Service Mail Quality Metrics determined to be over the established threshold in a calendar month. These assessments result in the removal of the Full-Service discount on those pieces exceeding the established threshold.

Fact Sheets
Fact Sheets
Mail Anywhere Fact Sheet

Full-Service mailers have the opportunity to use the same permit at any location via the Mail Anywhere program. Entry into the Mail Anywhere program is limited to mailers who meet the quality thresholds for Full-Service electronic verification. 

Fact Sheets
Licensing Fees

This document contains information about licensing fees for USPS® Licensed Products.