Fact Sheets
Fact Sheets
Service Performance Measurement Fact Sheet

This document provides information for Service Performance Measurement.

Fact Sheets
Customer Registration Identification (CRID) and Mailer Identifier (MID) Acquisition Fact Sheet

This document provides an overview of the methods customers can use to request a Mailer ID (MID) or Customer Registration ID (CRID) from the Postal Service.

Fact Sheets
Full-Service Intelligent Mail® Fact Sheet

This document covers benefits, requirements, and resources for Full‐Service Intelligent Mail®.

Fact Sheets
Service Type Identifier (STID) Table Effective July 27, 2020

The STID (Service Type Identifier) is a three-digit numeric code used within the Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb™) on a mailpiece that identifies the address correction or other electronic services desired. The STID Table allows you to determine which STID to use based on the mail class, address correction option, use of IMb Tracing™ and whether the mail contains a Full Service or Basic IMb.