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Promotions Portal - How to Request Access

View this video to find out how to request access to the Mailing Promotions Portal within the Business Customer Gateway. This portal will be utilized to streamline the sample review process for the Mailing Promotions incentives.

User Guides
Trailing Edge Die-Cut (TED-C) Process for Eligibility at Automation Letter Prices

This advisory provides the process for getting approval to mail a non-rectangular trail edge die-cut (TED-C) letter-size mailpieces at the applicable automation letter prices. 

User Guides
User Guides
Address Element Correction (AEC) & AEC II User Guide

A comprehensive user guide to Address Element Correction (AEC) and AEC II®. Topics addressed: the importance of address accuracy, differences between AEC I and II, ACS vs. AEC, fees and payments, processing, and technical information.

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Informed Delivery Mailer Onboarding Guide

This is the Mailer Onboarding Guide to assist in the initial set up to submit Informed Delivery Campaigns via eDoc in the CAT (Customer Acceptance Testing) environment. This covers how to set up a CAT Business Customer Gateway (BCG) account and permit for testing Mail.dat and Mail.XML eDoc submissions that include campaign data to create Informed Delivery Campaigns via PostalOne!

All new BCG accounts will need to be verified and approved by the CAT Help Desk before they can be used for testing.

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Intelligent Mail for Small Business Owners (IMsb) User Guide

Intelligent Mail® for Small Business Mailers (IMsb) is a free online tool which will allow you to produce the presorted Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMb) for your mail pieces, tray labels and submit an electronic postage statement to the acceptance units.

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Provisioning Enterprise Payment (EPS) and Package Platform (PPC) Data through Informed Visibility® (IV®)

This guide provides instructions for receiving Enterprise Payment System (EPS) and Package Platform Concept (PPC) data through the IV Mail Tracking & Reporting (IV-MTR) application. Instructions include how to get access, create and manage a data feed, manage the address book, and manage data delegation.

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Balance Check in the Customer Validation Tool Instructions

When given explicit permission by permit holders to do so, MSPs have the ability to perform balance checks for EPS and Local Trust accounts at the permit level. The MSP will not be granted access to the permit holder's account, but will only be able to verify if sufficient funds are available prior to a mailing.  

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Promotions Portal - Asking a Question

Now that you have access to the Mailing Promotion Portal, view the video below to learn how to ask a question about the Mailing Promotions. This feature can be used to ask about previously submitted mailpieces or general inquiries about a specific Promotion, getting you the answers you need to be successful.