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Enterprise Post Office Box Online (ePOBOL) User Guide November 2023

The U.S. Postal Service is upgrading its payment architecture for enterprise and business customers. The new Enterprise Payment System (EPS) will replace the current product-centric payment with a centralized account management system enabling customers to pay and manage their services online using a single account. With the current implementation of EPS, business customers will be able to manage their PO Boxes, Caller Services and Reserves online using the new Enterprise PO Boxes Online (ePOBOL) service.

·         Open, close, and pay for PO Boxes, Caller Services, and Reserves online

·         Automatic Renewals

·         Account notifications and alerts

·         View account payments, balances, and transaction history

·         Customized payment reporting and dashboard capabilities

·         To get started, please contact

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DSF2® Licensee Performance Requirements - CASS Cycle O

To achieve DSF certification, the Licensee must comply with all requirements and specifications contained within the License Agreement, the most current version of this document, and the most current version of the Interface Developers Guide unless explicitly allowed, prohibited, or modified by USPS in writing.

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Business Customer Gateway: Overview and Tour

This presentation provides an overview of the Business Customer Gateway and a tour for new users. Information on the new Revoke and Archive feature begins on page 32.

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Domestic Merchant Returns API: User Guide

This user guide provides examples of XML transactions to the USPS Merchant Returns web service and guidance for installation.

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USPS Service Standards Getting Started Guide

The Postal Service has developed Service Standards data files to help customers determine the number of days in transit. This tech sheet will provide step-by-step instructions on how to use these data files allowing you to streamline your operations and improve customer experience.  

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Parcel Data Exchange (PDX) API Customer Guide

This document provides a customer reference guide for Parcel Data Exchange (PDX) Web Application API.

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Parcel Data Exchange (PDX) Web Application User Guide

The Parcel Data Exchange (PDX) is accessed via the web and Application Programming Interface (API) to allow customers to send manifest files and receive outbound files from the United States Postal Service® (USPS®). This document provides the information necessary to begin using the web-based portion of the PDX application using a web browser.