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Pending Route Adjustment File

This Excel sheet details route adjustments for October 2022 thru January 2023.

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2D IMpb Barcode Guide

Some labels on packages may have barcodes that are not able to be scanned while being processed through automated equipment; this could be due to distortion, label placement, movement of items within soft packaging, etc. To overcome these challenges and improve the readability of barcodes, the US Postal Service® recommends using 2D IMpb GS1 Data Matrix barcodes in addition to the traditional IMpb barcode.

The GS1-Data Matrix barcodes contain the same information as the IMpb barcode and are strategically placed on the label to augment the Intelligent Mail® Package Barcode (IMpb™) that has been a mainstay in visibility. Placing the 2D IMpb on opposing sides reduces label print errors and increases the ability for that label to be scanned, resulting in increased in-transit visibility for that package. The 2D IMpb is also recommended for use on Hazmat packages.