Automated Package Verification (APV) System

The purpose of the APV System is to support recovery of postage discrepancies in an automated fashion, and in a way that protects the customer relationship.

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In an effort to automate, streamline, and create a better customer experience, the USPS  has built the Automated Package Verification (APV) System to capture postage discrepancies. The primary purpose of the APV System is to support recovery of postage discrepancies in an automated fashion, and in a way that protects the customer relationship. After detecting discrepancies and calculating the postage adjustment, the system submits a file to Vendors with data to support postage adjustment. Vendors pay or collect the adjustment amount and enable customers to dispute postage adjustments. The newly built system  maintains records of all items related to postage adjustments and disputes.

Current PC Postage revenue assurance practices rely heavily on the manual "postage due" process; detection is an imperfect science, as instances are detected manually by employees in the acceptance and processing environment. Only a limited portion of PC Postage volume is entered at the retail counter, limiting the opportunity to detect and augment postage for short paid pieces at the counter. In addition, PC Postage volume frequently does not feature the amount of postage paid printed on the label ('stealth/hidden postage'). This practice presents further challenges in manual detection at the retail counter and throughout the processing and delivery network. This new system will automate the postage due process, create a better customer experience, and align USPS with current competitor practices.

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