Enterprise Payment System

The Enterprise Payment System (EPS) allows customers to pay for products and services through an Enterprise Payment Account (EPA) funded as an Automated Clearing House (ACH) Debit or Trust Account. The EPS payment account management provides enhanced security features, centralized balance and account management, and a self-service customer experience.

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  • For assistance, reach out to your Local Business Mail Entry Unit
  • Call or email the Mailing & Shipping Solutions Center (MSSC)


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The Enterprise Payment System (EPS) allows customers to pay for Postal products and services through a single account, called the Enterprise Payment Account (EPA). The benefits of EPS include:

  • Pay and manage services online using a single account
  • Self-service customer experience
  • Enhanced security features, centralized balance and account management
  • Fund as ACH Debit or Trust Account
  • Mobile Check Deposit- allows you to deposit funds into your trust account using the camera on your mobile device
  • Intuitive and interactive mailing reports

Ensure all permits and CRIDS and are known when migrating to EPS.

Featured Resources

Fact Sheets
Mobile Check Deposit Fact Sheet

Mobile check deposit allows Enterprise Payment users to capture checks with their mobile phones and deposit them directly into their EPS account.  

Applications/ Forms
Technical Specifications
Quick Service Guides
Enterprise Payment System (EPS) Deposit Instructions

These instructions include general technical information and instructions for sending electronic funds into your EPS account.

EPOBOL Information

Fact Sheets
ePOBOL Fact Sheet August 2023

With the current implementation of EPS, business customers are able to manage their PO Boxes, Caller Services and Reserve Boxes online using the new Enterprise PO Boxes Online (ePOBOL) service.

User Guides
Enterprise Post Office Box Online (ePOBOL) User Guide February 2024

The U.S. Postal Service is upgrading its payment architecture for enterprise and business customers.

EPS Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets
Pay Permit Fees and Auto-Fee Renewal Fact Sheet

Please note that the BCG user must be the BSA or BSA delegate for manage mailing activity and be the EPS administrator or payment manager to use this service.

Fact Sheets
Fact Sheets
Enterprise Payment System-ACS/AEC Factsheet

Customers invoiced through the National Customer Support Center can pay for Address Change Service (ACS) and Address Element Correction (AEC) using their Enterprise Payment Account.

Fact Sheets

EPS Guides/FAQs/Presentations

User Guides
Enterprise Payment Retail Deposit Locations (February 2023)

These locations are available to make a deposit into your Enterprise Payment Account.

User Guides
Enterprise Payment System (EPS) Data Dictionary

This document has separate tabs which describe the elements of EPS to CAPS mapping, CAPS to EPS mapping, the CAPS transaction number, and the code descriptions.

User Guides