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Seamless Acceptance Incentive Enrollment Instructions

The Seamless incentive provides an incentive to the Electronic Documentation (eDoc) submitters (with a qualified Seamless CRID and an Enterprise Payment System Account) for adoption of the Seamless Acceptance program.


The incentive is based on the eDoc submitter’s Customer Registration ID (CRID).  A Seamless Mailer is defined by their CRID’s status in PostalOne! as “Seamless Acceptance.” Note: Seamless Parallel does not qualify for the discount.


The incentive allows Electronic Documentation (eDoc) submitters to receive a Seamless Acceptance incentive of $.001 for the pieces that qualify for Full-Service prices in the mailing, provided the eDoc submitter has an Enterprise Payment account that is used for the incentive. 

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Data Files
USPS® Mailer Scorecard Performance Metrics

This spreadsheet documents the most recent Mailer Scorecard Performance Metrics. Report includes stats on eDoc Processing, report availability, Full-Service, Seamless Acceptance, eInduction, and Move Update.