Parcel Data Exchange (PDX) API

Parcel Data Exchange (PDX) is accessed via the web and Application Programming Interface (API) to allow customers to send manifest files and receive outbound files from the United States Postal Service® (USPS®).

Who should use the PDX API?

All Web Service calls require a USPS® Business Customer Gateway (BCG) username and password. If you do not already have a BCG account, go to and click the ‘Register for free’ button to create a username and password.




The Parcel Data Exchange (PDX) provides parcel shippers an additional option to transmit Shipping Service Files and retrieve data extracts and error-warning reports through a secure web service interface rather than through the conventional FTP/SFTP method. This application bypasses the Data Transfer Services (DTS) account configuration process, allowing a USPS Shipping customer to enroll online and begin shipping packages within the same day. Users can access the application through the Business Customer Gateway or through an Application Programming Interface (API) connection. The PDX application is available free of charge for business customers and third-party vendors.

Featured Resources

Quick Service Guides
Parcel Data Exchange (PDX) API Customer Guide

This document provides a customer reference guide for Parcel Data Exchange (PDX) Web Application API.

Quick Service Guides
Parcel Data Exchange (PDX) Web Application User Guide

The Parcel Data Exchange (PDX) is accessed via the web and Application Programming Interface (API) to allow customers to send manifest files and receive outbound files from the United States Postal Service® (USPS®). This document provides the information necessary to begin using the web-based portion of the PDX application using a web browser.

Quick Service Guides
Parcel Data Exchange (PDX) Mailbox User Guide

This document provides a customer reference guide for the Parcel Data Exchange (PDX) Mailbox Feature.

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