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Electronic Verification System (eVS®)

The Electronic Verification System (eVS®) enables parcel mailers to submit documentation and pay postage by transmitting electronic manifest files to the eVS database.

Who is eVS for?



Because eVS integrates with other systems and business processes for data collection and performance measurement, eVS makes it easy for customers to prepare and induct parcel mailings, streamlining their internal business processes as well as those with the Postal Service.

Mailers who use eVS receive these key features and benefits:

  • A single national permit account for all mailing sites
  • No permit imprint application fee (annual mailing permit fees will apply if required for a mail class; however, mailers migrating to eVS are not required to pay additional annual fees if their annual fees are current with an existing local permit at the time the eVS permit is opened; annual fees are due for the eVS permit for eligible mail classes at the time of the annual fee’s renewal)
  • Bypass traditional Mail Acceptance/Verification process at Business Mail Entry Unit; enter mail directly at Origin or Destination facilities
  • Flexible mail entry time with FAST appointment
  • Elimination of the PS Form 8125 for Drop-Shipments
  • Electronic postage statements generated from the SSF are visible in PostalOne!® along with additional account monitoring and mailing data reports
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Featured Resources

eVS® File Layouts

  • Tech Guides 12/14/2016

    eVS® File Format v1.6

    Appendix A-1: Shipping Services File Version 1.6 File Layout Specification (as of 10/19/2016.)

  • Tech Guides 12/14/2016

    eVS® File Format v1.7

    Appendix B: Shipping Services File Version 1.7 (as of 10/19/2016).

  • Tech Guides 12/14/2016

    eVS® File Format v2.0

    Appendix C: Shipping Services File Version 2.0 (as of 10/19/2016).

eVS® Publications & Instructions

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