Customer Registration ID (CRID)

The USPS® Customer Registration ID (CRID) is a unique number that identifies a specific business location involved in a mailing. In order to submit electronic documentation (and receive Full-Service benefits), customers must have a customer registration ID assigned to their business location. 

Who is CRID for?

Mailers and mail service providers submitting electronic documentation (eDoc).

First Class Mail

First Class Mail





Standard Mail

Standard Mail


A Customer Registration Identification number (CRID) is a USPS-generated numeric code of up to 15 digits that uniquely identifies a business at a location. Each MID (Mailer ID) is owned by a single CRID at any given time and each mailing permit is owned by a single CRID at any given time.

A CRID is created for you when you create a Business Customer Gateway account. Your CRID information is visible when you log in to your Business Customer Gateway account page.


Featured Resources

Full-Service Customer Registration Identification (CRID) and Mailer Identifier (MID) (Presentation)

This document contains a presentation for Full-Service CRIDs and MIDs.

Fact Sheets
CRID Management

Customer Registration ID (CRID) Overview.

Fact Sheets
Customer Registration Identification (CRID) and Mailer Identifier (MID) Acquisition Fact Sheet

This document provides an overview of the methods customers can use to request a Mailer ID (MID) or Customer Registration ID (CRID) from the Postal Service.

Quick Service Guides
Quick Step Guide to Mailer Identifier (MID) and/or CRID Acquisition

This document provides an overview of how to acquire nine-digit Mailer Identifiers (MIDs) and/or Customer Registration IDs (CRIDs), which are used to identify and track Full-Service mailings.

Applications/ Forms
JACKPOT CRID/MID Application for Mail Service Providers

Full-Service eDoc submitters are required to accurately identify the Mail Owner and Mail Preparer in the eDoc.

Fact Sheets
JACKPOT CRID/MID Process for Mail Service Providers

MSP’s who prepare mailings that include mail owners with less than 5,000 pieces per owner and are meeting 90% Full-Service of eligible volume, may request authorization to use a  JACKPOT CRID/MID for identification of this volume.

Mailer IDs (MID) and Customer Registration IDs (CRID) Version 3

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