Platinum Full-Service Certification

The Platinum Full-Service Certification (FSC) is available to mail service providers (MSPs) who can demonstrate an exceptional degree of mail quality and fulfill the application process. 

Who is the Full-Service Platinum Certification for?

For mail service providers (MSPs) who achieve established full-service quality thresholds and meet total quality management standards.

Full-Service Certification Programs


Platinum Full-Service Certification requires the following criteria: 

  • Achieve established full-service quality thresholds
  • Create and maintain quality processes that meet total quality management standards
  • Perform and pass an internal audit
  • Pass an external audit
  • Submit external audit results for USPS review
  • Maintain quality thresholds and standards

Once certified as a Full-Service Platinum mailer, your company name and a link to your website will be displayed on the USPS website.

To apply for Platinum certification, the mailer must have been submitting Full-Service mailings for at least 90 days and monitoring their mail quality in the Mailer Scorecard.

Those mailers that meet or exceed the quality thresholds listed in the Mail Quality Reports on the Business Customer Gateway may fill out a MSP/Mail Owner Full Service Template and apply for certification. The Platinum mailer must implement quality processes to meet established standards and pass an internal audit with the results provided as an attachment to the MSP/Mail Owner Full Service Template.

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Your Quality Manual includes the written procedures required by the Quality Manual (QM) standards and must also contain all the supporting documentation to meet the FULL SERVICE standards.

Fact Sheets
Full-Service Audit Elements: Mailer Version

This document includes an audit checklist for mailers' interested in qualifying for Platinum Full-Service Certification.

Applications/ Forms
Mail Service Provider (MSP) Application for Full-Service Certification

The application for enrollment in a voluntary program to become a certified Mail Service Provider. 

Platinum Full-Service Certification Scoresheet

This document contains version 1.9 of the Platinum Certification Scoresheet tool.

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