Business Customer Gateway

The BCG (Business Customer Gateway) gives you a single entry point for Postal Service online business services such as: Intelligent Mail Products and Services, Business Mailing Activity and Reports, Scheduling Mailing Appointments, Mailer IDs (MIDs), Incentive Programs and Information, and Shipping Service Programs.



Who Should Use the BCG?


Customers can utilize the Gateway to accomplish and streamline the following tasks: prepare, track and monitor mailings, manage Mailer IDs and permits, simplify Full-Service mailing and customer returns, target areas with direct mail, send and manage large shipments, order mailing and shipping labels, enroll for shipping services, generate mail and transaction history reports, stay informed of USPS promotions and incentive programs.

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Featured Resources

Tech Guides
Business Customer Gateway: Overview and Tour

This presentation provides an overview of the Business Customer Gateway and a tour for new users.

User Guides
BCG Account Management Postage Assessment Key Roles Signup, Review, Update

This document details the steps for VAE Update/Singup, registering new users to enable VAE access, and registering a new mail owner user.

Fact Sheets
Electronic Postage Statement Submission

Overview of two methods of electronic postage statement submission: IMsb Tool and Postal Wizard.

Fact Sheets
Postal Wizard Fact Sheet

Postal Wizard is an online tool that gives small-volume mailers a secure, electronic means for submitting postage statements and simplifies calculating postage, checking balance and fees, and viewing mailing reports and mailing history.

Fact Sheets
Intelligent Mail® for Small Business (IMsb) Fact Sheet

This fact sheet contains an overview of the IMsb tool, benefits, and how it works.

Industry Session: Business Customer Gateway and Postal Wizard

This industry presentation provides an overview of the Business Customer Gateway (BCG) and Postal Wizard for new users.

Business Customer Gateway (BCG) Release Notes

Related Products

Mailer Identifier (MID)

The Mailer Identifier (MID) is a field within the Intelligent Mail barcode that is used to identify mailers. MIDs are assigned by the USPS® to a Mail Owner, Mailing Agent or other service providers who request them.

Customer Registration ID (CRID)

The USPS® Customer Registration ID (CRID) is a unique number that identifies a specific business location involved in a mailing. In order to submit electronic documentation (and receive Full-Service benefits), customers must have a customer registration ID assigned to their business location. 

Mailer Scorecard

The Mailer Scorecard provides a dashboard view of the results of the letter and flat mailing activity with the Postal Service over a calendar month. This view is available to both the mailer who submitted the electronic documentation for the mailing (eDoc submitter) and the mail owner/mail preparer. 

Electronic Verification System (eVS®)

The Electronic Verification System (eVS®) enables parcel mailers to submit documentation and pay postage by transmitting electronic manifest files to the eVS database.

Intelligent Mail® for Small Business Mailers (IMsb)

Intelligent Mail® for Small Business Mailers (IMsb) is a free online tool which will allow you to produce the presorted Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMb) for your mail pieces, tray labels and submit an electronic postage statement to the acceptance units.


For questions, please call (800) 522-9085 or email IntelligentMailSupport@USPS.GOV.