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Intelligent Mail® for Small Business Mailers (IMsb)

Intelligent Mail® for Small Business Mailers (IMsb) is a free online tool which will allow you to produce the presorted Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMb) for your mail pieces, tray labels and submit an electronic postage statement to the acceptance units.

Who is IMsb for?

First-Class and Standard Mail permit holders

First Class Mail
Standard Mail


To use the IMsb, no special software or installation is required. Users simply access the application via a web browser. The IMsb Tool has been specifically developed for small business mailers to meet Full-Service requirements. The IMsb tool generates a unique Intelligent Mail barcode within the address block. The IMsb tool is designed for First-Class and Standard Mail permit holders.

The IMsb tool supports generation on the following:

  • Labels
  • Envelopes
  • 8.5" x 11" insert
  • Mail Merge option

For complete information on how to use the IMsb, please refer to the IMsb User Guide

Before using the IMsb tool, you need to make sure the following 3 prerequisites are completed:

  1. Mailing Permit: Mailers have a postage permit, which can be obtained by visiting your local BMEU
  2. Registration: Mailers must be registered on Business Customer Gateway and have a linked permit. 
  3. Have a Database/Address list in one of the following formats: Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft Excel 2007, Microsoft Excel 2003, Comma Separated Value (CSV).


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Electronic Documentation (eDoc)

To participate in Full-Service Intelligent Mail®, mailers must submit information electronically. This computer-consumable version replaces existing hardcopies and includes the following: postage statement and qualification report.

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To ensure accuracy, optimal bar code quality and readability of the Intelligent Mail® Tray Label, the USPS® offers a voluntary label certification process of the Intelligent Mail Tray Label for software vendors that generate tray label software. This certification process will validate the Intelligent Mail Tray Label design specifications, technical barcode requirements for the tray barcodes, placement of the barcode and human-readable data elements on the label, as well as the ability to generate accurate label content.

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