Informed Delivery Mailer Onboarding Guide

This is the Mailer Onboarding Guide to assist in the initial set up to submit Informed Delivery Campaigns via eDoc in the CAT (Customer Acceptance Testing) environment. This covers how to set up a CAT Business Customer Gateway (BCG) account and permit for testing Mail.dat and Mail.XML eDoc submissions that include campaign data to create Informed Delivery Campaigns via PostalOne!

All new BCG accounts will need to be verified and approved by the CAT Help Desk before they can be used for testing.

June 28, 2022

1-15-2020 - Guide updated with new legal terms and conditions.

8-12-2020 - Guide updated with better defined steps and changes to BCG incorporated.

4-16-2021 - Guide updated with new Terms and Conditions as of 3-22-2021, new BCG redesign screenshots, minor edits/changes and the addition of the TEM environment information.

4-30-2021 - Guide updated with the new Terms and Conditions as of 4-23-2021.

6-28-2022 - Guide updated with minor edits.