Intelligent Mail® Tray Label

All tray label production systems are being transitioned to produce a 24-digit Intelligent Mail® (IM®) tray label in support of the USPS® "100% Visibility" strategy. The IM tray label allows for the unique identification of every tray, tub, and sack traveling throughout our mail processing and delivery network.

Who is the IM Tray Label for?

First Class Mail

First Class Mail



Standard Mail

Standard Mail


The use of the IM tray label will allow mailers, as well as the Postal Service, to more effectively and efficiently manage their operations, regardless of whether the associated mailer is signed up for any additional service, be it Basic or Full-Service options. Mailers are therefore strongly encouraged to use the IM tray label on each handling unit when preparing mailings, even on Basic automation mailings.

In addition to the ZIP Code™ and Content Identifier Number (CIN), the 24-digit IM tray barcode uses a unique Serial number and a unique Mailer ID (MID), which provide a range of benefits to mailers. 

The 24-digit IM tray barcode has replaced the legacy 10-digit barcode. Each 24-digit label uniquely identifies each tray, tub, and sack as well as the originator of each handling unit as it makes its way throughout the Postal Service's mail processing and transportation networks.

To obtain Intelligent Mail tray labels, mailers can either produce labels using the specifications provided below or use the web-based Intelligent Mail Customer Label Distribution System (CLDS) to submit online label orders to the Label Production Center at Topeka, KS.

The use of the IM tray label does not require the mailer to satisfy full-service requirements and is not an indicator that the mailer qualifies for the full-service option. As such, the use of an approved electronic method to transmit mailing documentation that matches the preparation of the submitted mail (nesting) is not required. Deciding what other service options will better serve the specific business need of the customer is a decision left up to the specific mailer.

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