Intelligent Mail® Barcode (IMb) Encoder Software and Fonts

The Postal Service provides Intelligent Mail® barcode files, fonts and encoders, available for download.




Who are Encoder Software and Fonts for?

Full-Service Mailers printing their own Intelligent Mail barcodes.

First Class Mail

First Class Mail



Standard Mail

Standard Mail


The Postal Service provides software support for 24 combinations of language environments (C, Java 2, COBOL, and PL/1) on 9 unique platforms (z/OS, VSE/ESA, OS/400, AIX, Linux, Solaris, HP/UX, Mac, and Windows).  For printing Intelligent Mail® barcodes in a production environment, a variety of Intelligent Mail barcode fonts are available for 5 major production printing environments: AFP (MVS, AS/400, VM, VSE), HP PCL, PostScript, Xerox Metacode, and TrueType. 

The full list is available for download.

By using any portion of the Intelligent Mail barcode Encoder software (herein "Software"), Fonts, and/or the accompanying Documentation, you are agreeing to the terms of this License agreement.

This License is effective as of the day you download or otherwise acquire the Software, Documentation, and/or Fonts. It remains effective so long as you have a copy of the Software, Documentation, and/or Fonts or, if shorter, for the life of the longest Copyright in the Software, Documentation, and/or Fonts.

The Postal Service grants you, based upon its rights in the Software, Documentation, and Fonts, a world-wide, revocable, license to use them in the mailing industry without paying the Postal Service a royalty or other fee, including the rights to reproduce, display, merge, sell, distribute, sublicense, and translate them; and the right to create derivative works, which is not limited to the right to modify, improve, and to incorporate them into larger works, and to translate, edit, and the like the software in whole or in part provided that the conditions set forth below are met.

The Conditions:
The license granted in this Agreement is conditioned upon the licensee maintaining the following requirements:

  1. Redistribution of the Software, Documentation, and/or Font must contain (a) the copyright notice set forth below, (b) this list of conditions, and (c) the disclaimer noted below.
  2. Unless you have the specific prior written permission of the Postal Service, you must refrain from using the Postal Service’s name or trademarks to endorse or promote products or services derived from or containing or using this Software and/or Fonts, except for factual statements presented in the body of text that merely reference your use of the US Postal Service’s Software and/or Fonts.
  3. If you distribute the Software and/or Fonts to others, you cannot charge them a price for the Software and/or Fonts, except you may charge others for:
    1. Any product that they are apart of, for example, for your product that includes the Software and/or Fonts.
    2. Your services performed using the Software and/or Fonts.
    3. Your versions of the Software and/or Fonts, if your versions were created by making modifications or improvements to the Software and/or Fonts (respectively) for a legitimate purpose in furtherance of your or another’s business.

The US Postal Service reserves the right to change this License in any manner within reason at its discretion.

Copyright Notice: © US Postal Service 2009

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