Customer Label Distribution System (CLDS)

CLDS is a web-based application that provides mailers with the capability to create, edit, and locally print Intelligent Mail tray labels. Tray labels are no longer printed by the Topeka National Print Center (NPC). CLDS is scheduled to be replaced in January 2023 with a user-friendly updated tray label application.

Who is CLDS for?

First Class Mail

First Class Mail



Standard Mail

Standard Mail


The Customer Label Distribution System (CLDS) offers a suite of electronic services designed exclusively for business mailers. With CLDS you can:

  • Print label orders on local Windows printers
  • Print label orders on a Microcom 426 label printer 

New users are no longer being registered to use CLDS as it will soon be replaced with a new user-friendly application.

For general questions, please use the CLDS User Guide.

For training, please download the Web Based Training Course from the CLDS References Page.

Find additional tools and resources for mailers at the Business Customer Gateway.

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Intelligent Mail® Tray Label

All tray label production systems are being transitioned to produce a 24-digit Intelligent Mail® (IM®) tray label in support of the USPS® "100% Visibility" strategy. The IM tray label allows for the unique identification of every tray, tub, and sack traveling throughout our mail processing and delivery network.


Contact the Topeka NPC if you have any questions about existing orders:

Topeka NPC Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-332-0317Image removed. option: 3 (for Tray and Sack)

For technical questions regarding CLDS contact the USPS help desk at 1-800-USPS-HELP (1-800-877-7435Image removed.).