Promotions & Incentive Programs for First-Class® & USPS Marketing Mail®

2023 Promotions

The Postal Service™ is excited to announce that we have received PRC approval to the 2023 Mailing Promotions. The mailing promotion guidebooks currently published for 2023 are final. Please click the buttons below for access to each Promotion Guidebook with requirements. We will begin accepting pre-approval requests for 2023 Promotions on December 15, 2022 through the Mailing Promotions Portal. The enrollment period will begin in the BCG system on January 9, 2023. The 2023 Informed Delivery, Reply Mail IMbA, and Retargeted Mail Guidebooks will follow soon. Please check for updates here on PostalPro.

Promotions & Incentive Programs

The Promotions team is excited to announce the launch of our new Mailing Promotions Portal. This portal will modernize the sample review process and allow mailers to keep better track of their submissions and get any of their questions answered. To learn more and access tutorials about how this tool can help you succeed with the Mailing Promotions, click on the Guide page below.

2022 Promotions

The Postal Service is pleased to introduce the 2022 Promotions.   As new details about the 2022 Promotions are finalized, they will be posted on this page here. Please stay tuned for more information about each of the Promotions.

Promotions Resources - Calendars and More

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Direct Mail Technology Integrator Directory

The United States Postal Service recently launched the Direct Mail Technology Integrator Directory. This new directory allows select technology providers the opportunity to be included in a national directory available to Mailers. The directory is an opportunity for providers to connect with Mailers who are seeking to integrate technology into their direct mail campaigns. Click below to access the Technology Directory and find more information.

Promotions Suggestions

Click below to suggest ideas for future Promotions. All suggestions will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Past Promotions

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