Guide to the USPS Mailing Promotions Portal

The USPS New Solutions team is excited to announce the launch of our Mailing Promotions Portal. Your resource for participation in the Postal Service’s discount and incentives program for First-Class and Marketing Mail customers. We have modernized the Promotions experience to enhance the customer experience. Utilize the portal to submit your mailpiece samples and ask questions you may have about the Promotions. 

Portal opens for use: May 13th, 2022

Full integration by: May 23rd, 2022 (Subject to change)

Navigate to the Business Customer Gateway and setup an account. Select 'Mailing Services' at the top left of your screen. Then scroll down until you find 'Mailing Promotions Portal' and select 'Get Access'. For various video tutorials, please visit the pages on the quick links.

Preview the Mailing Promotions Portal in the image below.

Image of the menu for the new Mailing Promotions Portal


The Postal Service knows that sometimes our “world class service” can get bogged down in processes when our customers need immediate assistance! To better serve you, we’ve built the Mailing Promotions Portal.

The Portal documents all customer service requests as they are made and will help you track when, where and how you previously contacted the Postal Service. Fully implemented, it will also provide access to a team of Mailpiece Design Analysts, standing by to approve your designs for discounts and get your mailpieces moving!