The Periodicals class of mail is designed for newspapers, magazines, and other periodical publications whose primary purpose is transmitting information to an established list of subscribers or requesters. Periodicals must be published at regular intervals, at least four times a year from a known office of publication, and be formed of printed sheets. There are specific standards for circulation, record keeping, and advertising limits.



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The Postal Service requires publishers, qualifying for Periodicals mailing privileges, to provide the percentage of advertising and non-advertising content for each issue to determine the pound price charge (DMM of the mailing. The Publisher provides the advertising percentages on Periodicals Postage Statement Form 3541 and submits supporting documentation using one of three methods outlined below.

  1. Marked Copy
    • Traditional Marked Copy: Publishers supply a marked copy for each issue -- with the calculated percentage of advertising carried out to two decimal places -- so the advertising content can be verified by the Postal Service. On the first page of each marked copy, the publisher must show the total units and percentage of space devoted to advertising and non-advertising in the copy. The marked copy can be presented to the Origin Entry or Additional Entry Office. (DMM 207.16.2)

      Alternate Marked Copy: This method provides publishers the option to submit marked copies for Periodical mailings at the time of the Statement of Ownership review; eliminating the requirement to provide marked copies with every mailing.

  2. Periodicals Accuracy, Grading, and Evaluation (PAGE)
  3. Waive Non-Advertising Prices - Instead of marking a copy of each issue to show the advertising portion, the publisher may pay postage at the advertising zoned prices on both portions, advertising and non-advertising, of all issues or editions of a Periodicals publication (except a requestor publication).

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