Occupancy Trends

Populated using vacancy data collected by USPS® carrier operations, the USPS Occupancy Trends product provides an aggregate count of vacant addresses by ZIP Code™, USPS carrier route, county, and congressional district. Additionally, the count can be viewed by census tract, group and block as a fraction of total possible deliveries.                                                           

Many industries, such as real estate, construction or marketing can benefit from access to aggregated vacancy data.

For example:

  • Identify areas of low occupancy or specific blocks                              where houses may be viable to purchase or flip                                       
  • Flag areas that may have a low rate of delivery and omit them              from marketing campaigns to prevent undeliverable mail                           
  • Target low or high occupancy regions as areas of opportunity                    for potential retail or community construction

Occupancy Trends - Internal                                                                          Twelve one-month updates.                                                                                

Occupancy Trends - Enterprise                                                                              Twelve one-month updates with limited distribution to subsidiaries and partner companies.

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