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Certified Mail Service Providers and Software Vendors

A Mail Service Provider (MSP) offers a variety of solutions to prepare and present Full-Service presort mailings. The MSPs listed on this document have met the U.S. Postal Service™. Full-Service certification Mkt Mails.  Mail Service Providers (MSPs) offer a wide variety of services for Mail Owners. Talk to an MSP to learn more about the Full-Service solutions they offer.

The software vendors listed below have successfully certified their Full-Service software products with the Postal Service™. The list below shows the name of the vendor and software package and telephone number. We identify if the software is Cloud based or On Premise, the method of submission to the Postal Service and the class of mail the software supports.

First Class Mail
Standard Mail


Full-Service is the next step in automating your mailings. By meeting the Full-Service
criteria, you can receive:

  • The best commercial prices and the largest discounts available
  • The elimination of annual permit fees
  • No cost visibility/tracking of your mailings
  • “Mail Anywhere” utilizing a single permit at multiple business mail entry sites
  • No cost address correction
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