Election and Political Mail

Election Mail

Election Mail is any item mailed to or from authorized election officials that enables citizens to participate in the voting process, such as ballots, sample ballots, voter registration cards, absentee ballot applications, and polling place notifications.

To enhance visibility, we recommend use of the Election Mail checkbox, Official Election Mail logo, and serialized Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) for outbound ballots.

Ballot Mail

Ballot Mail is a subset of Election Mail. It consists of any mailpiece sent to or from an authorized election official containing a live ballot that may be used to cast a vote in an election. Ballot Mail should use the Election Mail checkbox, Official Election Mail logo, and serialized IMb for outbound ballots, as well as Ballot Mail STIDs and green Tag 191, Domestic and International Ballots, to increase visibility in the postal network.

Political Mail

Political Mail is any material mailed for campaign purposes by a registered political candidate, campaign committee, or committee of a political party, as well as any material mailed by a political action committee or organization engaging in issues advocacy or voter mobilization.

Political Mail may be sent for any public election — partisan or nonpartisan — for which there is a ballot. Political Mail is identified using red Tag 57, Political Campaign Mailing, and by using Political Mail STIDs.

Reporting & Dropping Off Political Mail

Create Mailing Notice

1.  Complete our online reporting form at least 2 days before you plan to drop off your political mailing so the receiving Post Office™ facility is notified in advance.
2.  Drop off your political mailing at a Business Mail Entry Unit.

Report a Problem

To report any issues with your mailing after it is processed, use our online reporting form.


Getting Started with Election Mail

State and local election officials should:

  1. Review important policies and documentation on Official Election Mail, such as:

    1. KIT 600 – the Official Election Mail Program Kit

    2. Publication 631 - Official Election Mail—Graphic Guidelines and Logos

    3. Publication 632 - State and Local Election Mail—User’s Guide

  2. Contact their local manager of customer relations to discuss needs and learn about next steps, and

  3. Have sample ballots and other mailings reviewed by a USPS Mailpiece Design Analyst to ensure compliance with Postal policy and compatibility with our automated processing equipment.

For more information, please visit http://www.usps.com/electionmail.

Getting Started with Political Mail

Mailers of Political Mail (see above) should:

  1. Review https://www.usps.com/business/political-mail.htm and https://www.deliverthewin.com/

  2. Contact their local manager of customer relations to discuss needs and learn about next steps.

Featured Resources

Election Mail and Ballot Mail STID Finder

The Election Mail and Ballot Mail Service Type IDentifier (STID) Finder is a tool designed to assist election officials and their mail service providers in selecting an appropriate Election Mail and Ballot Mail STID for their outbound mailings.*

User Guides
KIT 600–the 2024 Official Election Mail Program Kit

Provides the tools necessary to use the US Mail as a secure, efficient, and effective way to facilitate the election process.