Business Reply Mail® (BRM)

 Business Reply Mail® (BRM) is a First-Class Mail® and Priority Mail® service that enables a sender to pay per piece fees and postage only for the responses received. The mailer, not the customer, pays the return postage. The mailer does not prepay postage on BRM postcards, letters, self-mailers, flats, parcels, optical CDs, or label pieces. The Postal Service collects the applicable postage, plus a per-piece fee, only on pieces that customers actually send back to the mailer. This allows mailers to save postage costs on large volumes of distributed reply pieces when a response is not assured. 

First Class Mail

First Class Mail

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06/25/2024 BRM/QBRM Overview


BRM® is appropriate when your customer needs a little extra inducement to reply - in other words, the response or its timing is not certain. This type of reply mail is frequently used by direct marketers seeking to encourage orders, researchers needing survey responses, or magazine publishers soliciting subscriptions. The extra inducement is provided by the fact that your customer does not pay the return postage, does not have to supply a postcard or envelope, and does not need to put an address on the mailpiece.


  • First-Class® & Priority® Reply Mail Cards, Letters, Flats, and Parcel mail types allowed
  • One ZIP+4® assigned for all mail types
  • Mailer pays the return postage and fees


  • Only First-Class® Mail Card and Letter mail types are allowed
  • One ZIP+4® assigned for Cards
  • One ZIP+4® assigned for Letters up to 3.5 oz
  • Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb) Required
  • Discounted pricing
  • Mailer pays the return postage and fees


Why Use QBRM/IMbA?

Qualified Business Reply® Mail (QBRM) is Business Reply® Mail type that utilizes the enhanced processing capability of Intelligent Mail® barcode Accounting (IMbA) to reduce processing times and ensure QBRM mailers receive reply mail and invoices quickly. IMbA is an automated solution for the counting, rating, invoicing, and billing processes. Using the Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb) on the mailpiece, the mail processing equipment counts destinations approved and assigned to the mailer. Invoicing is sent daily, directly to PostalOne!.

Benefits include:

  • Expedited Processing: Receive mail earlier in the day; reducing float time with efficient and effective mail processing
  • Operational Efficiency: Reduce manual processing and invoicing.
  • Automation Equipment: Postal Service™️ has the capability of using scan data to invoice mailpieces up to 3.5 oz letters.
  • Value-Added Service: Business Customer Gateway provides access to reporting data around the clock.


Prerequisites for BRM/QBRM Enrollment

  1. Have access to Business Customer Gateway
  2. Obtain a Business Reply® Permit Number (For more information, see Obtaining a Business Reply Mail Permit Number | Postal Explorer (
  3. Obtain a ZIP+4®


Why do I need a unique ZIP+4 Code for my Business Reply Mail?

The ZIP+4® Code assigned by the Postal Service™ is unique for the category of Reply Mail you use. This unique ZIP+4® Code enables Reply Mail to be sorted on postal automated equipment by specific size and weight (i.e., cards, 1 oz. letters, 2 oz. letters, etc.).

How do I get a unique ZIP+4® Code?

  • Register your company and authorized users using Customer Registration.
  • Select the Add ZIP+4 Code option within the online Business Reply Mail tool.
  • Select the media type that you intend to use.
  • Provide complete delivery information for the BRM mailpieces that will be returned. 
  • Submit your request.
  • The standardized delivery information (with the assigned unique ZIP+4) will be sent to you for use on your mail piece.


Steps for BRM/QBRM Enrollment

  1. Call or email MSSC to inform use of BRM/QBRM
    • MSSC may assist customers with filling out PS3615 and PS6805 as needed
    • A Business Reply Mail permit number is issued at the Post Office where the PS Form 3615 is filed (generally where the mail is returned) and requires a fee. The fee is paid annually by cash, check or money order. Checks must be made out to the U.S. Postal Service® or Postmaster.
    • Note: PS Form 3615 is a simple form requiring you to know the company name, address where the mail will be returned, contact person, and telephone number. The forms are available at your local Post Office, Mailing Requirements Office, or Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU). Customers may also reach out to the MSSC to assist with onboarding.
  2. MSSC validates payment has been made and assigns permit number
    • Fees vary depending on BRM/QBRM level
  3. MSSC works with AMS to assign a ZIP+4®
    • All BRM mail types assigned one unique ZIP+4®
    • Unique ZIP+4® for QBRM letters and unique ZIP+4® for QBRM postcards
  4. Create artwork
    • Use either ABRM tool or contact the Mail Design Analyst (MDA) Help Desk
      • The USPS Automated Business Reply Mail (ABRM) application is an online, self-service tool that allows Reply Mail customers to create domestic card, letter, and flat-sized mailpieces of Business Reply Mail (BRM), Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM), and Metered Reply Mail (MRM). ABRM also creates artwork for card and letter-size pieces of Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM). Additionally, ABRM provides the option to create a Facing Identification Mark (FIM) and Barcode only for CRM and BRM artwork.
      • The ABRM tool, which can be accessed through the Business Customer Gateway, provides a number of features for Reply Mail customers, including the ability to:
        • Design and create artwork with an Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb)
        • Place the barcode above the address block or in the barcode clear zone
        • Add an image or logo related to the mailpiece
        • Allow a third-party vendor or mail service provider to create artwork for clients
        • Download artwork designs in PDF and EPS formats
        • Store mailpieces and logos in the ABRM library for future use (up to 100 MB)
    • For QBRM, must submit 10 physical samples to MDA for Review and Approval
    • Approval from an MDA is not a requirement for designing your Business Reply Mail mailpiece unless the customer wants to apply for Qualified Business Reply Mail. However, if you would like to consult with an MDA, they are available to help.  Customers can also consult with their local Post Office or Business Mail Entry office. As always, the MSSC is also available for assistance in case customers need help.
    • If you decide not to use the Business Reply mailpiece you designed, your mailpiece will be saved within your mailpiece library for your convenience. If you would like to discard it, simply delete it from your mailpiece library.
  5. Enroll in IMbA for QBRM permits
    • 2 week parallel process applies


Comparison of Types of Business Reply Mail

Business Reply Mail Options Best For Features Fee
Basic Business Reply® Mail (BRM) Fewer than 925 returned pieces expected annually.
  • Postage-paid, pre-printed First-Class® Mail and Priority Mail® materials.
  • Pay only for responses received.
Annual Permit Fee*
High Volume Business Reply® Mail (BRM) More than 925 returned pieces expected annually.
  • Discounted postage rates.
  • Postage-paid, pre-printed First-Class® Mail and Priority Mail® materials.
  • Pay only for responses received.
  • Advanced Deposit Account prepays postage.

Annual Permit Fee*

Annual Account Maintenance Fee

Basic Qualified Business Reply® Mail (QBRM) More than 875 responses expected a year with automation-compatible
  • Discounted postage rates.
  • ZIP+4® Code and barcode for efficient sorting.
  • Postage-paid, pre-printed First-Class® Mail and Priority® Mail materials.
  • Advanced Deposit Account prepays postage.
Annual Account Maintenance Fee
High Volume Qualified Business Reply® Mail (QBRM) More than 42,981 replies expected in a quarter with automation-compatible
  • One of the lowest per-piece fees available.
  • ZIP+4 Code and barcode for efficient sorting.
  • Postage-paid, pre-printed First-Class® Mail and Priority® Mail materials.
  • Advanced Deposit Account prepays postage.

Annual Account Maintenance Fee

Processing (or Quarterly) Fee (paid quarterly)

Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) Guaranteed responses like bills or invoice payments.
  • Customer pays postage.
  • Pre-addressed, pre-barcoded materials ensure accurate addressing.
  • Mailers are secure.
  • No permit required.
Metered Reply Mail Small businesses with limited reply needs can prepay return postage on
single pieces.
  • Use your own reply materials.
  • Valid on Priority Mail® Express, Priority® Mail, and First-Class® Mail services, as well as Media Mail® and Library Mail.
  • Apply stamp to labels or envelopes.
  • Facing Identification Marks and barcodes provided at no charge.

*The annual permit fee and other annual or quarterly fees for each permit account type are non-refundable. With the Intelligent Mail Package Barcode, customers will get the best commercial prices with the largest discount available, piece-level tracking information at no additional charge for most products, and access to new products, services, and enhanced features. Fees vary between letters, flats, and parcels. Actual Fee costs can be located at: More information can be found at:

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