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Mail Processing Equipment Service Provider Licensees

The NCOALink® MPE solution, which is similar to the FASTforward® system, can also be used on delivery point barcode sorters to identify, sort, and remove undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail prior to submission to the USPS.

MPE Data Users receive the full 18-month data set provided weekly under direct license from the USPS®.

First Class Mail
Standard Mail
Software Developer


Q1: If I initially license as a Standard MPE Data User, can I later switch to Enhanced so I can return electronic COA information back to my customers?

A1: Yes; however you will be required to pay the prorated fee for Enhanced since the fee for this method is $15,750.00. As a Standard MPE Data User, the fee is $7,950.00.

Q2: If I have additional sites, can they also switch to Enhanced? Will they also be required to pay the $15,750.00 fee?

A2: Additional sites may also switch from Standard to Enhanced. These sites will not have to pay the additional fees since the primary site has already paid the fee to return electronic COA data back to their customers. Once the primary site has paid the required fees, the additional sites may also begin returning electronic COA data to their customers.

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