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Priority Mail® - 2019

SKU Product Definition: Contains the SKU's and related rate ingredients for Priority Mail® Products

SKU Price file: Contains the pricing for each unique SKU, creating a unique mapping between the product and its price

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All matter that is mailable by air transportation can be mailed as Priority Mail®. Some matter MUST be mailed as Priority Mail (or First-Class Mail®), including:

  • Handwritten or typewritten material.
  • Bills, statements of account or invoices, credit cards.
  • Personal correspondence (a letter to Grandma), personalized business correspondence (a handwritten letter to your customer).
  • All matter sealed or otherwise closed against inspection.

Priority Mail postage is determined by the weight and how far the mailpiece must travel to get to its destination. The Postal Service offers special prices for Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes and Flat Rate Boxes. Regardless of weight (up to 70 lbs.) or domestic destination, any amount of material that fits into a USPS-provided Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope or Box can be mailed for one low price.

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