Stamp Fulfillment Services (SFS)

Stamp Fulfillment Services (SFS) manages the fulfillment of stamps, stationery items, philatelic products, and other retail merchandise orders to customers worldwide; handles the internal distribution of stock throughout the Postal network; provides postmarking services nationally to Post Offices, in volume to cachet manufacturers stamp dealers, to the general public, as well as pictorial postmarking support, digital color postmarks, and postmarking for philatelic products produced and sold by the Postal Service; oversight of the Personalized Stamped Envelopes providing technology and computer system support for Postal Service business drivers, including tracking financial transactions, generating reports, warehousing data, and banking.


The National Customer Management System (NCMS) enables SFS to partner with internal Postal Service organizations to implement national programs in support of corporate initiatives.

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Express Mail Corporate Account (EMCA) Migration to National Customer Management System (NCMS)

The USPS Centralized Accounting Processing System (CAPS) is one of the USPS payment processing systems customers can use to fund their Express Mail Corporate Account (EMCA). The CAPS system will retire in the summer of 2021. Current Priority Mail Express (PME) customers who are using CAPS to fund their EMCA need to start using the USPS National Customer Management System (NCMS) to fund their EMCA. Customers can use Credit Card or Automated Clearing House (ACH)-debit/credit for establishing payment method in NCMS. This document provides the steps EMCA customers need to complete in-order to use the NCMS to fund their EMCA and to delink the their EMCA from CAPS.